Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Invasion of technology in life...

Today we all are surrounded by all kind of possible technological tools. Where ever we go, whatever we do every thing seems to be under our control but in reality we are being controlled by technology and we are getting into it inch by inch day by day..

Earlier when phone used to be a taboo, people were more happier and social. Now we have all the gadgets for communication but never talk to our neighbours for months. We have hundreds of TV channels but yet not enough. Can access our office from home but still unable to complete the assigned work in time, putting late hours in office.

Have technology to help us out but still everything is a mess. I can't see where we all are heading to..Even if we want to escape to life from all these things we are unable to escape, that's really sad :( Even if you want to take a brake from job or anyone , practically you can't. You will be caught by someone or another. We had become a prisoner of our own prison..So if we can keep aside these tools for a while, we will be leaving a much healthier and happier life (at least for a while) and then no one has to ask for a break in life...:)

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