Monday, February 19, 2007

Hype created by our ALERT media...

Today we are seeing what media wants to show us, we are speaking what media wants to hear out of our mouths and believing what media wanted us to believe . Very simple three examples..

1. Hype about the cars presented by Amitabh to Abhishek on his birthday and the car presented to him by Vidu Vinod Chopra. (Only to find later that Abhishek's is in the name of some politician and Amitabh's in the name of Chopra himself ). Why should we waste our time in deciding what is being gifted to whom and who are these channels to waste our air time by making us watch this news hundred times a day!!

2. In yesterday's match between SriLanka and India, media declared that Yuvraj and Shehwag are back in form. I am unable to understand how just by playing or performing in a single match gives an impression that the player is back in form, if it is so, then non performance in a single match should also count towards out of form for any given player...I insist for any given player..which is not really true, at least in Indian cricket.

3. One pharmacy company chose to start their business in Aandhra Pradesh, that is considered by media as Banglaore losing to Andhara. When in past times so many companies opted for Banglalore, it was never taken as Delhi losing to Karnataka or Andhra losing to Karnataka.

4. On Aishwarya going to Amitabh's home town for some school's foundation laying function. But no one bothered to screen reports about all the presidential bravery award winners for even 12 Hrs

5. All the discussions made on so called forum are on some very cosmopolitan topics with all the participants from so called upper middle class. No one tried to raise and issue for someone really suffering from the real below poverty line (not so called non creamy layer poor people )

Instead why don't they focus on bringing up the real issues like water scarcity, rocketing prices of real estate and despite all so called ample job opportunities , unemployment. The media should keep a balance between commercialisation and truth reporting.

I agree that the media also needs some commercialisation but they should not divert from the basics of journalism in a race to be the FIRST and the BEST...

Just advertising on being POISED will never going to makes us POISED..

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Ankur said...

OMG. Never thought you could write so much. gr8 work buddy .... i remember the days we spent together. i remember them fondly.