Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Indian Team again....

Refer to my old blog Indian team is back

This is in continuation to the same piece of thoughts.

Today's match at Natwest series, was something like a true cricket match from Indian team. After long we saw team making efforts, players showing their attitude. Robin although accustomed to playing as an opening batsman, played at 7th position and showed incredible cricketing sense.

Rahul and Sachin was all praise for him. The joy was visible from the deed of young guns like Yuvraj. Sourabh's removal from Indian team had given everyone a reason to play. The message is very clear to everyone, play to stay or stay away!!

In next match at Lords irrespective of who wins the match, the cricket is going to win for sure.

Hoping that fans' will now worship only those players who are playing in reality instead of doing a blind worship.

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