Monday, October 13, 2008

Where are my Mails ??

Last week I got a wonderfully drafted e-mail from one of my friend asking for my Snail mail (postal) address. Although there was nothing wrong in what he was asking for , but still he had explained one full paragraph for why he had asked that!

I am not able to remember when did I last penned down a letter to anyone. I am a typical netizen. My day starts with e-mails and also ends with e-mails. Yet I eagerly wait for a snail mail during Rakshabandhan, I'm more than happy to receive a greeting card on my birthday than e-cards, mails or scraps.  I am an avid fan of gadgets but I still love having a look on snap prints all around me on floor instead of browsing through those digital images on my laptop.

People like me today prefer e-mail/phone calls/Sms instead of writing letters to each other. But the pleasure of letters can't be replaced by these e-tools. I used to earlier check my letter-box regularly anxiously for letters from my friends, grandpa, cousins & relatives. Today I check that letter-box once in a week as it receives only magazines I had subscribed or promotional letters from banks and airlines.

The whole world around me has changed a lot, I don't even know the price of Inland letter or a postcard because it has been long since I had ever used them.I used to keep all my letters safely during my school days and that box still lies safely at my parents' place. Whenever I get a chance to read those letters and greetings I enjoy the travel through the memory lane.

The so called technological advancement might have changed and eased our lives but it had taken out the essence of "The journey called Life" from us.


Anonymous said...

you have a mailbox... cool/wow!

Abhishek K Singh said...

Yes I do have :)