Sunday, November 30, 2008


Relations is one of the most complex gifts to his society by human beings. Its a collection of different tastes..sweet, sour, salty, bitter and so on...

There are so many types of relations like with normal friends, parents, siblings, close friends, colleagues, buddies from school and college and many more...Some you choose and some you don't....To keep in sync with everyone and to be with everyone all the time is itself a great skill, that one need to inherit to be good at relations.

Although I am gifted with many beautiful relations in my life. There are people who mean everything to me in life and hope I do mean something to atleast few of them in their lives, but I somehow feel I am not so good at nourishing those, as I can see I am missing few of my relations and need to upgrade myself on this front. I feel I had hurt few of my relations (who I chose myself) in recent past and I repent my actions . Wished I had updated myself well, so that I could have avoided that.

I miss those relations very badly. For some I lost, I am really puzzled what went wrong, for some I knew there were my so called other relations responsible,but now that is past and can't be changed. Wish I could go back in time and correct my mistakes.

I knew very well that relationships are meant to be cherished not to be broken, but feel myself helpless standing at various junctions of life, just stuck with the responsibilities and expectations of my other relations.

Whenever I am alone and think of my past, I find myself in a situation like in the lines below..

कोई फरियाद तेरे दिल मैं दबी हो जैसे,
तूने आँखों से कोई बात कही हो जैसे,
जान बाकी हो मगर,सांस रुकी हो जैसे ...
हर मुलाकात पर महसूस यही होता है..
मुझसे कुछ तेरी नज़र पूछ रही हो जैसे..
राह चलते हुए अक्सर यह गुमान होता है,
वो नज़र छुप के मुझे देख रही हो जैसे..

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mumbai Mirror

The recent terrorist attacks on Mumbai showed us

  • How easily security was infiltrated
  • How people kept their cool in such situation
  • How can a bunch of youth, when misguided can lay their life for something cruel like this in the name of terrorism
  • How our brave fighters took over the whole situation and sanitised everything
  • How shamelessly our great politicians behave in these situations
  • How media stood by for minute by minute update to make us feel safe
  • How a normal Mumbaikar was there to serve tea to Jawans fighting there

Those terrorists tried their best to ruin our image of a peaceful nation in the name of religious warfare, but of no use. We are still a economically sound, peaceful and rock solid country and nothing like this can shake us.

I heard about all this at around midnight and ever since keeping a close watch on the happening. It was rather shocking and painful to see innocent people being targeted for no reason. I would rather say, if you want a war, let it be a war. We'll close the topic once for all. We lost many innocent and brave lives, someone lost their son, a girl who was planning to get married lost her future husband, a family in UP lost their son who went to Mumbai to earn so that he can earn for marriage of his sister and so many more.....

Media was giving update minute by minute, net was flooded with updates on sites like twitter, blogger etc, but I seriously think the media has to be more responsible to decide what should be disclosed and what should not to be shown.

Sometimes I wonder why we can't provide advanced weapons to each and every police personal. I don't thing budget should be a restrain for this as I believe this can be provided if extravagant expenditure on useless politicians can be trimmed a bit. If they had all this , there was no need for them to wait for NSG to arrive at scene and they could had acted much faster. One of the frustrating things to see was that we had the first statement from any politician, Dr. Manmohan Singh after 19 hours from when the terrorist attacks started, no one else seriously bothered about all this as they don't have anything to capitalise on, what a shame.

One thing I would like to mention specially is about Raj Thakery and MNS people were. I hope he knew that NSG people although were not marathi manoos but they risked their lives to save so call "his Mumbai". Hope he must have understood that not all people think like him, or else still Taj would have been under control of terrorists. On the other hand there were Mumbaikar who were offering tea to the Jawans fighting for their countrymen at all the attack locations.

People should have faith in their system and has to be more vigilant as a citizen to prevent anything like this from happening.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Alvida "Dada"

Yesterday was the day an Era ended in Indian cricket. After so much of ups, downs, yes and no..Dada retired from international cricket. Some events on the final day

1. Ganguly taking over as Indian captain in final overs.

2. Kumble coming to the podium and collecting the Border-Gavaskar trophy.

3. Champagne enjoyed by the team and

4. The victory lap of team.

Dhoni really a smart chap, in all this also he got applauds..indeed a smarty.

For me whenever I talk about Dada  I remember the Lords balcony with Dada swinging his t-shirt, Dada hitting sixes to each and every bowler coming to bowl, Dada leading team in a messed up situation and still winning it. Dada is a perfect example of a fighter who made ripples all around with his Pepsi As "Bhoole to nahin" and returned back to team with a bang. He was victimised by the dirty politics of Indian cricket controlled mainly by a bunch of politically influenced veterans 

His was a glory period and we all relished it.

Hoping to see Dada again in action in some new avatar soon...

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Calcutta a "Mixed Bag"

It has been more than one year for me in Calcutta as of now and I came across so many more things over here that I though of penning it down to share it again. And yes I am calling Kolkata as Calcutta because ever since I remember, I knew this place as Calcutta only and I loved that name.

I had been to other metros also, came across various places/people but this city, oldest metro of my country is again a Pandora's box for me.

This city has got a culture of British Raaj, old buildings depicting the legacy of English spread into acres and acres of land like Victoria Memorial

Also I could see people struggling to reach their destinations in crowded buses

I could see few places of ample parking space in the heart of the city

Also I could see bumper to bumper parking nearby

I could see people enjoying a Ferry ride for pleasure and outing

Also I could see a fisherman waiting for fishes to get caught in his net patiently for hours in the same waters

I could see mad rush of people during Durga Puja celebrations

Also I could see same old city moving at its own pace somewhere else

I could see innovative ideas during during Durga Puja celebrations

Also I could see very old local trains acting as a backbone of the city

I could see nature at its best during one of my outings

Also I could see craftsman's perfect creations

As we sit and watch, the city opens up bit by bit and shows us its many faces....