Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Satyam Saga....from the eyes of a common man..

I was sitting at a small roadside tea stall toady evening with some of office friends as usual and we were just like that chatting. All of sudden a guy sitting next to us (I believe he was a cab driver by his looks I felt so) asked us a very simple question. "What is all this ho halla about Satyam?? ". We looked at his face in a bit of annoying manner but tried to give him a one line reply that "Mr Raju, Boss of Satyam did some fraud and he was caught"

Then that guy started like a financial expert. He explained to us what went wrong with Satyam, what all Mr Raju did and why he was not able to escape all this. According to him Mr. Raju was one of the few financial wizards who played with Government's money and gave all the profit to their employees. Satyam was the only company who took average students with 50-60 % marks and backlogs and made their life happy. The company allowed people to work at their ease from home and work with flexible working hours.

Next smart person according to him was Mr. Harshad Mehta. Who duped rich people and helped poor and general junta. According to him when he was in the process of getting executed he asked his servants at home to run away with as much cash they can pack in a gunnysack. They worship him till date.

According to this character sitting next to us, any one who is duping rich people and sharing his wealth with poor and middle class people are the one who should be treated as Robin Hoods. He said that because of these guys now a days hundreds and thousands of youngsters are living a comfortable life by working in many call centres.

Although he was a bit worried about Satyam shares he was holding but confident also that he won't be in loss.

Even before we could digest the whole session by him, he got a phone call and he went away driving his Qualis. So informed are the people now a days that them sometime leave so called professionals like us speechless and I am loving it !!

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