Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"Maruti" purchases Nano

The day booking for Nano started in India it was a dream come true for Ratan Tata.

First day of booking resulted in more than twenty thousand of bookings. There were people like a lady from Delhi booking two cars, one for herself and one for her college going daughter, like a middle class guy from Kolkata purchasing it for his family of four and so on. But what touched was case of a guy from amchi Mumbai "Maruti". This guy is a cobbler working for past thirty years in city. His family consists of his wife and a kid who will be passing SSC next year. When asked he told that he was saving for past six years for a bike and then came Nano. He thought why not go for a better option than purchasing a bike. This guy had paid one lakh forty thousand in cash for booking his dream car Nano himself without any loan. Although first one lakh owners of this dream car will be chosen by a computerised lottery but Maruti was very much confident of getting his car. The happiness of owning a car was very much visible on his face.

Mr Tata must be very happy to know the sentiments of people which are attached with the Nano. I personally adore him for his sheer simplicity, passion and truthfulness. The day Mr Tata launched this car his confidence and dedication showed in his statement "A promise is a promise". He made a promise to people of India and he kept his promise despite so much problems like Singur and political setbacks. His dream of offering each and every Indian a car is true now. I salute his dedication to this nation.

Hope other industrialists will take a lesson or I would like to say will be inspired from this initiative from Mr Tata and come forward for serving the people of nation instead of gifting Jets to their wives or building a mansion for their family of four or five.

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Abbas said...

True abhi..thanx for letting us know...do continue writing..we love to read ur Blogs...