Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Students opting for suicide..!!

The cases of students killing themselves are on rise in recent past. Mr Kapil Sibbal says, parents are responsible for that. Come on Mr minister, none of the parent would like their kid to kill themselves.

It's never the pressure by the parents that prompts the students to take this extreme step, instead its again the ragging and favoritism at institutes. The medical student of Lucknow killed himself because one of his lecturer at college was intentionally giving him lower grades. The student of Ferguson college Pune killed himself because of ragging by his seniors.

Although ragging is never the same as it used to be few years back but unfortunately still it exists. What is still persistently there  is the torture and favoritism at institutes by the teachers. Being a citizen of this free democratic country, I too had equal rights to go to that city for education, which was never welcomed by those localites. And incidentally the college was forced to accept us as students just because of bondage of rules from Ministry of Education.

I remember one of our  lecturer literally cursing one of our classmates just because he was of some different caste and city. Although our that champ is now in a better position than those favored students, those days were hell for that poor guy.  We too being outsider were always treated differently by few of the institute's staff. While all the favor during sessional and internals was given to the localites, we had to fight for our rightful marks. And those huge difference in internal marks always made the difference in the semester results and hence rankings. There were few instances where we were not even updated of the company's visit for placements. Even while depositing the fees we has to stand in the different queues. The incident of fights between locals and we outsiders was a regular and common thing.

Under these extreme conditions and pressure, some of the students who cannot handle it, opt to take an extreme step like suicide, which is very unfortunate.

Instead of issuing these type of statements, if Mr minister tries to get to the root cause of the problem, it will surely help poor students under stress to evolve as a better human beings.

"ये तो मंदिर हैं इन्हें कब्रगाह न बनाओ, जो आये हैं आपकी पनाह मैं उनको सही राह दिखाओ..!!"


K. Rahul Rao said...

I agree with u for the point of favoritism and caste-communism by the faculty members but, I totally disagree when it comes to Ragging. Being an engineering student, I will always favor for ragging, though not that vulgar-kind-of-thing but still. How is true for not letting seniors interact with the juniors for whole of the first semester??? Ragging makes the foolish and dumb juniors a much better candidate to pursue any professional course. But, i also disagree with the insult-and-misbehave-kind-of ragging done sometimes!

A K S said...

@Rahul: By ragging I always meant that insult and misbehave kind thing. I have no opposition to the introduction process :)