Sunday, February 21, 2010

Trip back to the woods...!!

This time when I went back home, I thought of visiting county side to feel and live real India. Not what that is promoted in all the business magazines and websites. I wanted a break from traffic, pollution, mean city, rushing people and far far from the concrete jungle. I started my journey in a pretty lovely weather with really a good view ahead. 
Satpura Satpura
It looked like an ambitious trip as I had to travel long to escape from all this, but I gained my courage and started my journey with an aim to reach my destination.
Road Road
The roads were sleepy, full of fog, with a pinch of cold in air which was penetrating through my body and soul, but also pushing me towards my aim to reach that far far village in search of calmness and in a desire to be with nature. 

I kept on driving deeper and deeper in the woods, the road seems to be never ending but i kept on driving. Stopping to feel the unpolluted nature, to capture the breath stopping moments, to give myself a boost while sipping hot tea, while thanking myself to come out this far leaving my cozy bed. It all felt so good and I was loving every bit of that.
I crossed river Narmada, drove through the base of Satpura's dark forests in search of a small road which could lead me that small unnoticed village.
And the road which I was searching for so long....there it appeared from nowhere........
A small pathway leading to an unknown place, you really need to be adventurous to take that kind of road, I took that. It lead me to much wider road inside.

The jungle was coming to and end and fields came into picture giving a pleasant feel to my eyes. I knew the outcome was going to be awesome.
11 12

The more and more I was driving, more I was getting deeper into the pretty fields, all green fields covered with natural cover of eye pleasing yellow, a smell in the air that you will never get in any of the Indian city. I was getting more and more curious about what is going to come next..what I saw again left me speech less and motionless...
13 14

And there was a little hut standing proudly and peacefully in the middle of all this. Although there was no electricity inside it, no air conditioner, no television or no telephone or mobile. That looked to me like a complete entity. Got a little bit of the feel which was felt by "The Monk who sold his Ferrari"....

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