Sunday, August 19, 2012

Usual games..!!

This was bound to happen sooner or later in India. Our government has always been lax when it comes to cyber crime and cyber law irrespective of which party was ruling. They always believed that Army is the only requirement to defend the boundaries of this great country.
When IT boom came to India, under pressure from other developed country IT security act was introduced in 2000 and was again amended in 2008 but nothing concrete in it. All the crimes were bail-able in that. Like present laws, this was also made and never enforced. One of the finest excuse was all the social networking sites are based out of USA on which Indian law has got no control. Oh come on, take a cue from China, if you really want it, being a government you can have it anytime. No one in power ever thought that the incident which happened two days back with people of north-east can even happen. And now when the situation goes out of control, the action taken are usual expected one
  • Block SMS for few days
  • Blame Pakistan for everything
Can they explain that just by blocking the SMS what can be achieved now, damage has already been done and if Pakistan was the originator of this rumor, who helped in propagating this within India. no one from Pakistan came here to forward these SMSs. Now even Pakistan denies its involvement in this incident and asks for a proof, we too are waiting for that proof.
Now one senior politician says, all Indians have got right to work and live anywhere in India. Oh yes, we know this is our right as per our constitution, can you just ensure that this is being followed across country keeping aside your political interests and vote politics. Please do not wait for something big to happen and then declare this from some podium, work on a daily basis to ensure this.
I am assuring you, if your party can do this, you don’t need to ask for votes in any election.
My dear politicians, if you all can grow up from fights of caste, religion and vote, we would appreciate your efforts in controlling law and order situation in country, controlling the shooting prices of commodities, providing the tax payers a quality life.
Can we have freedom to live in our own country please??

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