Sunday, November 12, 2017


Dreams are something we all see. We used to dream in our childhood, during our school days, college days, when we joined our first job and so on...

As we grow up or dreams keeps on changing, the milestones start becoming bigger, tougher and meaner. We keep on evolving and so does our dreams.

What happens when we are not able to match our own expectations or when our dreams shatters. It feels like end of life, as if you we wrong all along the journey and nothing else matters now.

What should we do then?
  • should we lose all hopes
  • stop dreaming 
  • go in exile
  • step up, pick up a new dream and start again
I would say, why not start again.

Dreams helps a person in setting his ambitions and aims in life. Then one spends life and his time in life chasing it, making efforts to make that dream a reality. He might fail sometimes, succeed sometimes.

Not everything we dream is a reality but we still dream, isn't it?  

So why stop dreaming and as Steve Jobs once said, sooner or later all the dots will get connected and you will see the entire story.

Keep dreaming, Keep walking the journey of life..!!

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

How to build your DevOps Structure..!!

In this new word of data and digital, you need your pillars for IT organization. Apart from SMEs and Governance, one of the most important pillar is DevOps. 

What exactly is DevOps: In simpler words this is the vertical responsible for development and operations for your organization. These are the people who are working across functions and verticals and delivering values for business. In short they are the backbone for IT organization.

You ask any of the IT leader, his primary concern would be to get resources with fitment in this ever changing world of digital transformations. The people with experience are far far away from these trending technologies or there are newbies who are pro with technology but they lack the experience.

In my view the candidate who fits in the blue circle below is the fittest for the role. He will be with keen interest, sharp learning capabilities with a intent to learn and will be possessing basic required qualification. 

In short, you would be looking for a Versatilist. Versatilist would be a professionals whose multidisciplinary assignments, roles and experiences create a blend of synthesized knowledge, competencies and context that create and fuel business value. They will apply their insights and expertise to a progressively wider range of situations, teams, initiatives and experiences resulting in solutions which would help them deliver as per business expectation.

  So leaders once you get someone like this, its your job to 
  • Keep him/her motivated
  • Share clear growth path for him/her
  • Ensure he/she is given opportunities to experiment, fail and learn
Any failure in this will result in loss of the resource and eventually will impact performance and growth of your organization.