Sunday, February 11, 2007

A day in life of an average working Bangalorian

I will try to describe a normal day in life for my fellow residents of Bangalore who are fortunately or unfortunately working here. The day typically starts early in the morning (not because they go for some exercise or jogging) because they have to get ready and have to go to very far off locations for their job. I wonder how one of my colleague commutes every day from a far off place situated just 40 KMs from my office. I get fed up only in traveling 5 KMs.

Although Bangalore was known earlier for the gardens in past times , now the first thing that comes to anyone's mind while thinking about Bangalore is heavy traffic jam, pathetic infrastructure and a bigger fraction of life wasted while commuting to office everyday. The city was planned keeping in mind a normal load but the load is growing up in a exponential way. Lots and lots of vehicles being added everyday. On top of that I can see many of the guys coming to office by there own means of transportation. One guy in one car, what a mess. These so called status symbol addict guys add up to the problem of traffic. On top of all this narrow bridges, one ways and furious bikers. The day starts with a fight for more or less every resident. You try using public transport service and you end up being stuffed in some tin boxes. Its very difficult even to stand inside the buses. The Govt. is trying its best (as per Govt.) to fight with all this but practically I am unable to see any improvements (I may be wrong in saying this)

On top of all this if..I repeat if by any chance you are forced to take a auto rickshaws you are screwed. They ask mostly twice the fare and never agree to go by meter (at least I never found any autowaala who agreed for a metered ride ). Their argument "they have to return back empty". Even one autowaala told me that he had to return empty from Bangalore railway station (what a joke!!)

Somehow we reach office..exhausted and left with no energy in morning itself (imagine how much we are able to concentrate on our daily work after this much of fight). After working for half a day the next frontier for us "Food". The kind of food I eat every day at the cafeteria is one of the worst I had in life. Even while traveling across India I find much much better option to eat even by roadside. Only god knows what all they serve. I just follow the "Tank filling " strategy to survive. Then back to work..Ufff...Somehow the day comes to an end somewhere around early night and the fight to come back begins..Same stuffed buses..same crawling traffic and same exhausted people. After reaching back home you don't even feel like a living being. Have something to eat and hit the bed as we have to get next day again for "Office"

Undoubtedly the city is really silicon valley "Full of Silicon (Sand )"

I Salute the Traffic police for doing a wonderful job 24 X 7 and wonder how they are able to withstand the traffic everyday

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