Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Learning from unorganized sector..!!

I am not a great fan of Whatsapp forwards, but something was shared today by my father and I was glued to it instantly. Very meaningful pointers explained in a very simplistic way. Penning down a few below:
  1. The way demand is managed by the street hawkers. They never run out of their stuff in their day to day transactions.
  2. The way entrepreneurship is done by the small scale vendors. Same vendor selling stuff for Holi, then for Diwali, then Ganpati and again for Christmas. What a balance of market segmentation.
  3. The way a traffic light book hawker decided which one of the book is the best seller, since he has to carry the best ones in his hands to sell
  4. The way the product line is decided and managed for the sellers at traffic signal. Santa caps on Christmas, Flags on Independence day and Republic day. Every time, year on year without fail. There is never a shortage in terms of demand and supply, and they never are delayed in terms of product launch. The unsold stock is taken back smoothly and new product is pushed back to the market. and all this without a MS project, or Continuous replenishment system or even an ERP.
  5. How does someone who was serving tea, had a cup of tea with someone like Mr. Anand Mahindra.
  6. How someone taught the speaker in this video value of perishable items, how to create space when it says houseful, how to steal funding when there is no budget and so on.
  7. Relationships always matter, in personal as well as professional life.
  8. How can kids be taught big lessons like loosing gracefully, not getting disheartened by a failure and teamwork in simple day to day life.
  9. Why can't we promote our neighborhood snacks shop owner to build and deliver better than multi store food chain outlet.
  10. And finally, why can't we build and create a ecosystem wherein everyone is able to thrive instead of stealing everyone's share.
Pretty simple things carrying a lesson and learning within.

Not every forward is waste of your time indeed..!!

Here is the source India unInc: Management lessons from streets of India

Monday, December 04, 2017

Mahatma in My Boss..!!

Prelude : This is a fictitious story about a conversation between a boss "Krishna" and his subordinate "Arjun" in this new corporate world, wherein the Boss guides the subordinate using knowledge of Satyug and Dwapar yug and how the management was done in those days. What is interesting is how Krishna is able to closely correlate the day to day things to the proven ways of management form history and was able to make Arjun understand the key to success.

On a Monday morning at office, when Krishna reached office, Arjun was waiting for him and he greeted him and the story begins
Arjun: Good Morning Krishna! How are you?
Krishna: Good Morning Arjun, have a seat.
Arjun : Boss I have a question for you. In fact I have been wanting to ask this question since long but couldn’t find a suitable time.
Krishna: Oh! To progress in life you should clear your doubts at the first given opportunity.
Arjun: Thank you Krishna, I wanted to ask that why do you keep these three monkeys of Mahatma Gandhi on your table? Are you inspired by Mahatma’s life and his philosophy?
Krishna: yea you are right but first you tell me what is the contribution of Mahatma Gandhi?
Arjun: Yes of course, Mahatma Gandhi was the spearhead of Indian Independence Movement, he led many movements against British rule like Non-Cooperation movement; Quit India movement; Swadeshi Movement and above all, his autobiography “ My experiments with Truth” is a great inspiration for youths across…
Krishna : Great what have you learnt from Mahatma?
Arjun: To always speak truth, Nonviolence, to be polite yet firm in my approach, fight for justice.
Krishna: Do you practice all this?
Arjun: Well… it is difficult but I try, you still haven’t answered my question.
Krishna: Yes…these three monkeys!! You tell me, what do these monkeys symbolize?
Arjun: Do not speak, hear and see evil.
Krishna : Very good. These three monkeys are my Management Gurus.
Arjun: This is interesting and inspirational Boss. You mean to say you never speak, hear and see evil. I am impressed. If everyone in this office starts practicing this mantra, we will all be happy and this company will grow like anything. Boss, I am very happy to know this, if entire management becomes like you there will be no back biting, no favoritism, no fear in this company. I sincerely believe that tone at the top has a key role to play in any organization’s success.
Krishna: Hold your horses my dear! You didn’t get it correct. I am not saying that I do not see, speak and hear evil
Arjun: But boss you said these three monkeys are your Management Gurus
Krishna : yes you are right, These Monkeys are my management Gurus. Let me explain it to you. Mahatma Gandhi said, “Do not see, hear and speak evil.”
Arjun : yes
Krishna: I have done a little modification in this philosophy or you can say I have my own interpretation of this philosophy
Arjun: which is
Krishna: I decide time, situation, place and people to practice this philosophy.
Arjun: I didn’t understand you.
Krishna: Dude! I am saying, I decide when & where to see, hear and speak evil.
Arjun: I am confused
Krishna: Hmm... you are behaving like Arjun from Mahabharat. Let me explain it further for you. In real world, you need to be smart enough to decide how to use this philosophy to your advantage.
Arjun: Boss, please do not confuse me further.
Krishna: Ok tell me, do you like everyone in this company?
Arjun: not really.
Krishna: Good. Let me give you a situation, let’s assume there is an issue in this company and that mistake is made by an employee whom you like. what you will do?
Arjun: irrespective of my liking or dislike for that person I will speak the truth.
Krishna: This is the root cause of the problem.
Arjun: meaning?
Krishna: I’ll take a call based on situation, which means if the mistake is made by a person who does not fit in my scheme of things, I will speak against him.
Arjun: and if he fits in?
Krishna: I will bring into play three monkeys and will speak about improving processes, controls and tone at the top etc.
Arjun: But this is wrong.
Krishna: No this is management and the day you will learn this philosophy you will also start growing in the organization.
Arjun: but Krishna, this is not the teaching of Mahatma Gandhi.
Krishna: No one really knows what exactly he wanted to preach, everything is subject to interpretation and the speed at which I’m growing in the organization it seems that my interpretation is correct and working for me.
Arjun: In that case I may not be able to work in this organization any more.
Krishna: Don’t get emotional, all organizations, whether family, social, political or corporate are same and remember I like you.
Arjun: meaning you will never see any wrong in me.
Krishna: Yes, till the time you fit in my scheme of things
Krishna: Do remember my management lesson:
“Use these monkeys as per your convenience and keep doing wrong if it benefits you.”
Arjun: But these monkeys are not asking you to do wrong.
Krishna: No Dude, in fact it is implied…see what they say. Do not see, hear and speak evil which means you can silently keep doing wrong.
Arjun: Thanks Boss, I will try to become Mahatma like you although it seems difficult for me.
Krishna: Good acceptance is the first step to change. To be successful, I have always seen Mahatma in my Boss.
Arjun: Yes, Boss now I can also see “Mahatma in my Boss.” 

After few days of this conversation, Arjun was again stuck with some thoughts in his mind and wanted to have some guidance on how to go further, so he again approached Krishna. The conversation went on like this.
Arjun: Boss, I have another question for you.
Krishna: I told you earlier also to clear doubts at the first given opportunity.
Arjun: yes Boss, I remember your words.
Krishna: well then make practical use of my wisdom.
Arjun: You are right Sir.
Krishna: I know that I am right and you cannot contradict it either.
Arjun: Sir back to my question.
Krishna: go ahead.
Arjun: Boss! you keep saying that you can see through people.
Krishna: Yea, I can and I can read minds too.
Arjun: This is incredible, is this a God gift or you have developed this skill?
Krishna: Ha ha ha
Arjun: Boss, I am curious, if everyone in this organization is able to develop ability to see through people then there shall be no confusions, no misunderstandings and no lack of communication. We shall hire worthy characters and there shall be no difference in “practice & preaching”. There shall be complete trust and all shall work for the betterment of the organization without any apprehension.
But Sir, there are people in this company who aren’t clean and transparent but are still close to you. If you can see through them, why don’t you expose and get rid of them for the benefit of the organization?
Krishna: Good question Arjun but you are forgetting my first management lesson
Arjun: yes, Boss you told me to “Use Gandhi’s monkeys as per our convenience and keep doing wrong if it benefits us.”
Krishna: That’s what I do…
Arjun: I didn’t understand
Krishna: Indeed, I can see through people but I use this skill as per my convenience for my benefit
Arjun:  but isn’t this wrong?
Krishna: wrong or not is just a perception and as I told u last time that everything is subject to interpretation even Gandhi’s three monkeys are subject to interpretation.
Arjun: I agree but is it not correct to hire right resources, that will solve all problem. Once this organization is free from unethical people you will be able to apply Gandhi’s principle of three monkeys to the fullest.
Krishna: Arjun, it is difficult to get honest and intelligent people in this world and to run business you need people who have business acumen and can work with various kinds of individuals & in challenging environment. Only honesty & ethical behavior cannot serve the purpose.
Arjun: I didn’t understand.
Krishna: See, I believe in only two management philosophies
Arjun: and they are?
Krishna: First one was propounded by Bhagwan Ram and the other one was by Shri Krishna
Arjun: Sir I am unable to understand what has Bhagwan Ram & Krishna got to do with modern day Management.
Krishna: This is where you go wrong, both Ram & Krishna were management gurus.
Arjun: This is interesting sir…
Krishna: In fact for both Ram & Krishna ultimate objective was one i.e. ‘Good must prevail over bad,’ but their routes were different. On one hand Ram believed and practiced only ethical behavior whereas Krishna practiced blow for blow, you may call it situational leadership.
Arjun: but which one is the right practice
Krishna : Principles of Ram are impractical in today’s world.
Arjun: But sir ideally Ram’s principles only can bring peace and happiness in this world
Krishna : we don’t live in an ideal world and by practicing Ram you shall never reach the pinnacle and therefore I practice Krishna.
Arjun :  I agree  but Boss then what is the relevance of Ram in today’s world
Krishna: Ram is what you can hope to be and Krishna is what you actually can be..
Krishna brings practical approach to life whereas Ram cannot be practiced
Arjun: coming back to my question. Can you really see through people?
Krishna: ha ha ha! No, I can’t and no one can.
Arjun: I didn’t understand
Krishna: Let me explain, it’s extremely difficult to look within. unless you are in touch with your inner self, you cannot connect or see through the inner self of the other. A soul can only connect with another soul.
Arjun: wow sir but why do you keep saying I can see through
Krishna: well this is a strategy to make other uncomfortable
Arjun: But what is the need
Krishna: to hide my own inefficiencies.
Arjun: So you are saying…To hide your flaws you attack others…is this not wrong
Krishna: Again, this is your interpretation. I am here to win!!
Arjun: win what
Krishna: To win everything I want and eventually to win over myself.
Arjun: You are so candid, Are you not afraid of anything
Krishna: Not of you at least.
Krishna: remember “Keep applying principles of Krishna till the time you reach to a position where you can afford to be Ram”
Arjun: You are great. I can clearly see “Mahatma in my Boss”

Sunday, November 12, 2017


Dreams are something we all see. We used to dream in our childhood, during our school days, college days, when we joined our first job and so on...

As we grow up or dreams keeps on changing, the milestones start becoming bigger, tougher and meaner. We keep on evolving and so does our dreams.

What happens when we are not able to match our own expectations or when our dreams shatters. It feels like end of life, as if you we wrong all along the journey and nothing else matters now.

What should we do then?
  • should we lose all hopes
  • stop dreaming 
  • go in exile
  • step up, pick up a new dream and start again
I would say, why not start again.

Dreams helps a person in setting his ambitions and aims in life. Then one spends life and his time in life chasing it, making efforts to make that dream a reality. He might fail sometimes, succeed sometimes.

Not everything we dream is a reality but we still dream, isn't it?  

So why stop dreaming and as Steve Jobs once said, sooner or later all the dots will get connected and you will see the entire story.

Keep dreaming, Keep walking the journey of life..!!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Why even the most powerful team falls apart..!!

What exactly is a team?
  • Is it only a group of skillful people working together? No
  • Is it herd of people who are expected to say yes to everything? No
  • Is it a one man show (read manager)? No
So what exactly is a team and who keeps it bonded together ?
If you go by books and management principals, it’s always a manager who binds the team together and ensures that everyone is working towards the larger organization’s goal.
But in reality, it’s mostly the inverse. The teams are driven towards more of a personal goal. Although as per “The Manager” that might be his correct understanding of the organizational goal.
Let’s have a look on few possible reasons which create this disconnect in real life

 1.     Showcasing unnecessary stress and urgency
When every-time things are portrayed as urgent and team is pushed to finish it as soon as possible. What happens eventually that team members stop giving importance to even urgent things.

 2.     Lack of transparency
I do understand that information should be shared with only intended recipients but a practice of hiding all the information just to use it at later stage never helps. It’s always good to keep your team members informed about reality of the project/ assignment. No one likes surprises, that too always.

3.     Judging people only basis own experience
It’s good to access people basis personal experience but it’s dangerous to be judgmental basis only personal experience. No one in this world is having all the experience in life. A truth, the way it’s interpreted is, My Truth Vs Your Truth Vs The Truth. Its very dangerous for any team if the manager is accessing people only basis his knowledge and consistently ignoring inputs from others or taking only selective feedback. Team members in this case lose their motivation and will never deliver to their capacity

4.     Nano-Management Expert
Gone are the days of Micro-Management, now a days managers go one step ahead and they even want to review mails which are being sent, doing multiple iterations of a simple document or spending time in revising the presentations for n number of times. When one is kept under the lens all the time, the person tends to finish the job just for the sake of finishing it because he/she knows that this will be reviewed again and again and again. This kills all the talent and suppresses creativity.

5.     Not giving personal space
Last but not least, people who expect the team to be there at office all the time, expect them to spare all the personal time for office, eventually force the team for the truancy. Everyone is a mature individual and knows how to take the responsibilities and finish it as per the agreed commitment. But everyone needs personal space too. What seems as a waste of time to a manager can be the person’s choice of de-stressing (I have heard sarcastic comments on my hobby of writing blogs in my career). This should be respected and given space.

If simple things like above are managed tactfully, the team can do wonders..!!


What's an innovation ?
  • Inventing something new
  • reinventing something in present scenario
  • revamping existing processes by removing bottlenecks, or
  • doing something which gives positive new solutions
In my view, anything which improvises existing process and procedures, refining it, adding something new (irrespective of it's being big or small) which enhances the output or anything which results in customer delight should qualify as innovation. It doesn't have to be next big thing, irrespective of its size and aura, what should matter most is the customer delight and business excellence.
It doesn't needs fancy jargon, complicated explanation or fancy titles. One should target excellence with simplicity to achieve it. Targeting to enhance basic building blocks will also serve the purpose.

Simply, keep innovating and keep contributing..!!

What is the key factor in customer satisfaction?

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Do you really have a right of online privacy ?

In today's world where you are being tracked everywhere,  when your mobile and apps installed on it shares your location with the world, when your search results are stored and analyzed by search engine providers and your browser history no longer belongs exclusively to you, do you really have right to privacy ?

In my view, yes you do!

What you do online should only belong to you unless it's shared by you on social media. If you are using tools online to do something, you should not be tracked in the name of providing better suggestions or recommendations. When you use your e-mail, which is a private thing, no one should try to read it and throw suggestions in the name of ads. If they can't sustain providing a free service they should better charge it and leave us alone. Those who can afford it, will use it or people will stop using it. Yes they are not doing us a favor by providing a free service and stealing our very personal data.

When I use my social networking account, I am provided control on what can be shared with whom, similarly when I want to close my social network account, I expect that all my data is deleted from the servers because I no longer want to be available on that social network. Yes, as a user, I do understand that I will loose my all data when I close my account but in the name of making it available anytime, why companies are retaining my personal data forever?

As a consumer or an end user, you are using a free service because it is being offered free (having terms and conditions in coded language doesn't helps at all). Just because you are using a service your privacy can't be left at the mercy of service provider.

What I am doing inside my browser should not be of any concern to anyone, it's me doing something for myself (of course it should not be something against humanity)

As a human being, you me and everyone is entitled to his or her right of online privacy and we do not want to give up on this right anytime for anything..!!