Monday, February 19, 2007

Now.....Bangalore from the eyes of a common man...

This common man can be anyone.......

1. autowaala
2. anyone like me and you

Let me start with something on this .....

I prefer to choose the first one in my list "An Auto-waala"

Species Type: Very common, matching the current movie trends in clothing and hair style
Species Traits: Mostly rude, reluctant to negotiate and always on move
Species Strengths: Unity between all the members of a Auto Stand
Species Weakness: Poor flow of incoming money

So the very unique species known as an Auto-waala. I met with an incidence just a week back. One of my friend came over here at Bangalore from my hometown, he stayed here for a couple of days and was going back. I along with one of my room partner went to drop him at railway station. After spending two hours with him at railway station we started our long journey back to our room. Went to bus stand only to know that Volvo (Air conditioned bus service of Karnataka State ) doesn't operates on Sunday evenings beyond 8.00 pm. So dejected end exhausted we came out and started out eternal search for an auto so that we can reach in time at a party back at room being organised by one of our friend.
After just a try of ten minutes we got one, who happily agreed to give us a ride back home on the term of getting paid 1.5 times of the meter reading (this is the minimum amount you end up paying in Bangalore, other wise its just double the meter fare or simply the nearest round figure).

As soon as we started our trip back home we were stopped by a policeman. The autowaala stopped and went to meet him. After waiting for him to come back for fifteen minutes, I stepped down and went to them only to be greeted by that policeman in a very rude manner and an arrogant gesture. But still I preferred to wait and watch the whole proceedings. After negotiating for another ten minutes we started again. The autowaala told he refused to pay bribe as he had just paid fifty bucks five minutes back to one of his colleague.

All this was happening in the heart of city, bang opposite to Bangalore city railway station and bus station. It shows clearly that the policeman do not fear anyone.

I noted down the bike registration number of policeman, (it was ending in 1770) so that just in case if I come across that guy again, I know what exactly need to be done to escape.

If so called guardians of law and order behave like this, whatever the Govt. claims, the common man is not going to be benefited. Wishing for a better and clearer future and keeping my finger crossed.

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