Friday, April 06, 2007

Extended office hours...and...missing timelines..

Welcome to new high-tech age. Everything is too fast to believe, fast traffic, fast growth, fast people. Young generation with motto "work hard party harder", trying their best to work harder so that they can party harder. But the problem faced is although how much you work hard..still you get very less time to party harder..or you can say that there is no time to party.

They are having all possible gadgets to ease their work, no matter how hard they try to leave office on time..its gets extended beyond the limits. Thanks to flexi hours..we are working 24 X 7 and eventually getting bonded to work 24 X 7. Whatever you plan for your weekend is getting overwritten by the plans related to office, unexpected downtime, sudden failure at data center, servers behaving in a kinky way and above all demanding business (our end customers). Something or other keeps us bonded to office. Even getting calls while you are traveling on vacation is not so uncommon. Every one's work is far far important than yours. After all you are recruited to be there ' With you, For you..ALWAYS" . This originally used to be motto of Delhi Police, but now it is being practiced buy other people more than Delhi police.

These high tech things which are supposed to ease up life and meet the deadlines are one of the root cause of missing time lines. Because of these the expectations had raised as if by just using the computers and gizmo everything can be done by a singe click of mouse. And the net result is either a missed time line after so many extended office hours or a messed personal life.

Sometimes I think the laborer working around my place are in a better position, after working full day they at least sleep in peace (although they also have a monetary insecurity in their mind).

Every one should have a different space for personal and professional life and try not to mix them.


Few days back I went and watched NISHABD...awesome movie...although very few people may like that, but still a master piece of AB Sr. Left me really nishabd...That man is having his own aura..he can run a show on his own, really doesn't needs any type of support.

He had seen all good and bad patches in his life and still stands taller in front of every one as an example of LIFE..full of surprises.

He is an icon for 2 -3 generations as of now and will be an icon for many more generations to come.

Wishing to have more performances like this from AB Sr. in future also..

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Indian Team is back.....

This is not a very uncommon scene, Indian team loses somewhere, come back unnoticed, all channels doing a postmortem of what happened and after few weeks Team India is ready for next round of matches, people geared up Hoo Haa Indian Tigers....Media again doing some calculations, predictions , tarot card reading, long discussions by so called experts who are either ex-players (some of them who really played , rest played horribly in their times) and some good looking ladies who had just jumped onto this stage, seeing the exposure and limelight of this.

They forget everything, whatever happened in past and again geared up for the next round of joy/sorrow. What I am unable to understand that if we really hate say Tendulkar so much after the loss of Indian team and comment that he is too much busy with advertisements why do we follow them/ their endorsements when they are playing good. We should also understand that playing for Team India is a responsibility for those guys also they have to think of their future also. If they do not endorse the products and once they are out of team how will they maintain their lifestyle. Either they should never be allowed to do these type of brand promotions or if allowed they should be given a chance to live their lives.

That way each and every one of us who is either in a job or doing his business has got one or other  responsibility towards our country, tell me how many take that sincerely. If we can ignore our responsibilities, why can't the players do that.

To point fingers on them we have to be true from heart, then we all are free to blame any one.

Hoping forward to see  a breed of more understanding Cricket fans..