Sunday, April 01, 2007

Indian Team is back.....

This is not a very uncommon scene, Indian team loses somewhere, come back unnoticed, all channels doing a postmortem of what happened and after few weeks Team India is ready for next round of matches, people geared up Hoo Haa Indian Tigers....Media again doing some calculations, predictions , tarot card reading, long discussions by so called experts who are either ex-players (some of them who really played , rest played horribly in their times) and some good looking ladies who had just jumped onto this stage, seeing the exposure and limelight of this.

They forget everything, whatever happened in past and again geared up for the next round of joy/sorrow. What I am unable to understand that if we really hate say Tendulkar so much after the loss of Indian team and comment that he is too much busy with advertisements why do we follow them/ their endorsements when they are playing good. We should also understand that playing for Team India is a responsibility for those guys also they have to think of their future also. If they do not endorse the products and once they are out of team how will they maintain their lifestyle. Either they should never be allowed to do these type of brand promotions or if allowed they should be given a chance to live their lives.

That way each and every one of us who is either in a job or doing his business has got one or other  responsibility towards our country, tell me how many take that sincerely. If we can ignore our responsibilities, why can't the players do that.

To point fingers on them we have to be true from heart, then we all are free to blame any one.

Hoping forward to see  a breed of more understanding Cricket fans..

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