Saturday, June 09, 2007

It seems in India every one wants to be Poorer?

I think India is the only country in the world that has a population that is dying for being declared a beggar(reservation).

Scenario One....

What else can explain the violence unleashed by the Gujjar community in Rajasthan? They are already in the OBC Category and now they want themselves to be included in the ST Category! As communities declared as OBC, SC and ST categories are given special “privileges” – like reserved seats in educational institutions, govt. jobs etc. SC/ST categories are given more privileges than the OBC category. Now we can see a decision on reserving jobs for such communities in the private sector too!

Reservation has now became – a right to die for!

Scenario Two....

Amitabh Bacchhan declaring himself a farmer and acquiring agricultural land in U.P. and Maharashtra. His bad luck, Govt. changed in U.P. and he lost case in U.P. and now on the verge of losing the land in Maharashtra. I am unable to figure out why a superstar like AB has to do all this? He is capable enough to purchase/ procure the same without any political interference. He is already having a good experience of being too close with a political party and I don't expect same mistake to be repeated by Amitabh again. He should stay away from all this now and enjoy his life.

Why can't people be honest!

What a great country we are!

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sandy said...

Now it has become a new way for the political parties to make their vote banks.Even the definition of "Minority" is still not clear.The majorities in states is minority in other state like an example in some states Muslims are minorities but in J&K they are majorities.Hence they are getting benefits even if they are majority.

"What a great country we are living in".

Mr. Narayanmurthy has also said"India is the only country in this world where peoples fight to prove them backward "