Thursday, June 21, 2007

My experience @ CCD

Last weekend I went to a CCD in my locality. I saw a board over there saying


To become best in this industry by providing the best in the service and quality at affordable prices

We were three guys, after waiting for half an hour and repetitive request our order for one plate samosa and three coffees was taken. We waited again for 45 minutes and the I walked upto the service counter and ask for the same.

After all this it was served and then again waiting started, this time for bill. It took another 25 minutes for the bill to come to us.

And all this was happening when there was a Floor manager around.

If the service continues like this, I seriously doubt how they are going to the best!!

I don't know about others , but I am not going to visit CCD anymore, under no condition to that CCD.


Siva K.Balan Pillai said...

I think that particular CCD had problems... In fact the guys in there mostly seemed to be rookies. I think it is worth pardoning them this time.

What say?


hi2u_amit said...

We pay the goddamn 55 bucks not for the coffee but for the ambiance. It was 3 guys this time, what if the other 2 were girls? I am sure you wouldn't have complained ;).
Kidding ok, so take it light!
Coming to the actual point you made, I completely agree that this kind of service is not gonna help them get as far as their their Mission statement states. Now look at the other extreme. Almost every weekend I have some meeting or the other at CCD JNC or CCD 100 feet Road. The order is taken promptly, the service is pretty quick as well. And there is always so much rush, that we have to order almost 3 times to stick to our seats for 3 hours! :?

Amit Singh