Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Presidential Row

I am just watching the talk show on the same topic. There is a discussion is going between Manu Sanghavi (Congress) Rajiv Rudhi (BJP) and few other person from masses.

We as a people of a democratic country like India, are bound to accept whatever is being slapped on us as a president.

And what MR. Sanghavi was telling that this is the way President is selected. I feel sorry for being a sincere voter for this democracy. I think our way of handling these issues need to be revisited (like so many rules and regulation we are facing in our life today). Presidential post should have a mandate and option of direct voting from citizens also.

Also in regular polls, we must have a option for voting against a candidate. Normally if we see the statistics of any candidate, mostly the winning candidate are not the most favourite ones, they are the one with most votes in favour. If you count the votes against them, it will be always higher than the votes in their favour.

If this continues to be like this, I may to think again before going out to vote.

Hoping to see a more organised and mature political scenario in India.

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sandy said...

definitely it should b the ,but due to the personal profit of leaders n political parties it doesn't seem happen.