Thursday, July 19, 2007

Expectations, Reality and Painful frustrations

Life comes in a package.

There are some good, some bad and some silent items inside that package.

When we find good ones, we become so much selfish with them, that we never know how and when the good part is over.
Then comes the bad part, we are so pained that we feel each and every moment of it.Everything seems to be painful, even smile pains.

All these leads to the silent part. We stop enjoying each and everything. Tend to ignore everything, we become so much indulged into ourselves that we can't see people and loved ones around us.

At this point the differences starts to peep in, it happens with every one. May be its your family members, spouse or friends.

Although I keep telling to my friends that "Nothing comes for free, you pay for everything in one form or other" but still I myself feel very shattered, broken, ripped sometimes. But still didn't know how to overcome all this ERP (Expectations, Reality and Painful frustrations)syndrome.

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