Monday, September 03, 2007

It pains a lot...

After being at a place for few years, it feels like second home. And knowing that no one cares whether if you are staying or hearts a really hurts!

After giving few best years of your life to that place and organisation, no one cares that you are leaving. No one is bothered to discuss with you about the reasons for your leaving. Those who know my working over here can tell how much was my dedication to my profession and job. Whatever may I do but I am very much serious about my profession. I never ignored my responsibilities, never ran away from them.

It seems that some one had hired a cheap labour for some routine job and now when he is leaving no one cares. They will get another cheap labour. All efforts put together for past few years, all the caring shown during past years was just a myth, nothing true. Everything was just for the sake of show off!!

This attitude forces me to re-think my decision to join that place again. I don't know whether I made a good decision to join here or that was my mistake that is taking toll on my life and mind now.

I remember one of the senior here says he made two mistakes in his life
1. He joined this place and
2. He continued to be here

and I don't want to repeat his mistake!!!

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