Monday, September 10, 2007

An Ode to Bhopali.....

I used to stay very close to Bhopal (capital of Madhya Pradesh) and visited that place very frequently. So couldn't resist myself from writing about the essence, the flavour of Bhopal.

So here we go.........

Bhopali, also known as Bhopali Bakar or Bhopali Urdu, is a vernacular form of Hindustani language spoken primarily in Bhopal, India. On the streets of Bhopal, people from every part of Bhopal co-exist and add to the already existing vocabulary.

Bhopal is famous for four things "Parda/Zarda/Garda/Naamarda".
The first of the four words
1) 'Parda' is for symbolizing the old tradition of having Burqa clad ladies which you'll come across in scores on the streets of Bhopal.
2) The second 'Zarda' symbolizes yet another tradition of chewing Tobacco with 'Paan', which is in vogue till today. You can still find pan stalls all over the city in scores.
3) The third 'Garda' is for the dusty roads one came across in the old days of yore.
4) 'Naamarda' refers to the eunuchs reciding in the older areas of the city, specifically Itwaara, Somwara and Mangalwara. They dance at various occasions such as marriage and birth of a child, and demand for money.

Most famous Fast-food of Bhopal is "Bun Kabab" (along with namak waali chai) and "Pohe Jalebee (My favourite)". Easily available on the streets of old city, these small eateries are a meeting point for many.

A few language dialects.....
* Aapki gaadi reverse Phaink rahi heigi.
* Point shaart hega.
* Lapak kaisei aa rahi hegi?
* Chakka dag riya hae. Piston mein pilay haega.
* Point shat ho riya hai.
* Konsa aayle 2t ya lokal ?(which oil 2t or local)
* Amma khan yeh jawaharlal school toh bhopal ka sabsey behtarin school hega ..!!
* Ustaad rokke challnaa, ek ladies aa ri hegi! (in minibus/tempo)(take care, one female is there)
* Bhot lehra riya hega.
* Miya kallaat (kal-raat) se bhot STD (acidity) ho ri hegi pet mein!(since lastnight there is acidity in stomach)
* Ko Khan, Kaise? - (How are you?)
* Do lapaad lagaunga rakh ke, sar mein bhannaati aa jaayegi!(will slap you hard)
* Indoor Indoor Indoor - (Bus conductor calling out for passengers for Indore)
* Ama aapki gaadi to paidal ho gayi - (Engine is seized)
* gadi andar "peet" do - chipka ke lagaoo (at parking)
* ek ulte haath ki doonga, muh ghoom jaayega, pata bhi nahin chalega aa riya hai ki jaa riya hai(I will slap u so hard with my left hand, your head will tilt, nobody will be able to tell, if you are coming or going)
* Lapak lo lapak lo (chai jaldi se utha lo.........)
* Are madam bachon ko godh mein bitha lo (to manke place in mini bus)
* Aajaao!!!!! bashten, bashten, bashten (Bus stand)
* Second Panch Cheh Saat Dus Gyarah Gyarah Sau. (Minibus conductor reciting the route of the bus.)
* Rok Ke. (Minibus conductor asking the Driver to stop to pickup or drop off passengers.)
* Typical Startup politicians ad campaign · Arif Akeel - Standard banner:
"Apke apney jujharoo aavam karmath neta manneeyey sri arif akeel urf guttu bhai ko bhaari maton se vijaiyee banayein. Chunaav chinha - Haath ka panja, Veeneet pappu, mohan, aantu, bantu aur hasan bhai"
* Arey Khaan Mamoooo ( To call anyone )
* Arey Khaan Ek maghai banana bina supari - baba 160 maar ke (Pan Order at Banarsi Paan Bhandaar)
* Aur khaan Pathaan ( To greet someone)
* How does a Bhopali calls Samosa? - Famofa ( cos hes chewing paan while asking for samosa )
* A friend told me about his Tution in this way - Ama wo Jacoffer ke hiyan tution ko jaa riya hoon.....he meant "Jacob Sir"
* An average Bhopali auto driver spells out abuses at the rate of 15-20 per min, each abuse at least 4-5 words long
* Where would you find the greastest number of look alikes of Dhonis, Mithuns and Govindas in the world? - Near Bada Talaab in Bhopal
* Board office ka addres??? Go to MP Nagar square Ambedkar statue will tell you.
* Shawar ali model cum actor is in relation to each bhopali (mere chaca ka ladka hai,mere mamu hain, mere mamu ka ladka hai n many more........)

Famous/Must Visit Places:
* Birla Mandir
* Lake View
* Van Vihar
* Tekri
* 10 no.
* Ghoda nikkas
* Taj-ul-Masaajid
* Dhai Seedi ki Masjid
* Moti Masjid
* Chhola Road
* Baapu ki kutia
* Jinsi chouraha
* Kerwa Dam
* BHEL - parks
* Chuna Bhatti
* Pul bogda
* Somwaara
* Mangalwaara
* New Market & most appreciable
* Nutan College,

* Thulla, Thol (policeman)
* Tadi or GT - (Mass bunking)
* AAN DO!!!' - (helper yelling while giving driver parking instructions.)
* Madrasi - (Anyone from South India. Bhopal ke neechay sab madras hai (geographically))
* Chakachak/zhakaas - (Shining clothes
* Bhat - actually bhat-suar. The old fashioned rickshaw making noise like "bhat bhat bhat". (with 3 tyres, 1 in front and 2 rear, front wheel generates power.)

Most Overheard Phrases
* Kon Khan Kan Ja Riye Ho!!(where r u going?)
* Haan Khan Pathan Khairiyat!!! (Asking the person if he is alright)
* Ko Khaa Ama Khaa!!Kaisey?
* Abe je ka kar riya hai? Chariya gaya ka? (What are you doing?Are you mad? )
* Dus geeyarah baarah naakaooou - The common call from the conductors of the numerous Mini buses in Bhopal, calling for passengers to various bus stops in Bhopal.
* Madam bacchey ko gode mein bithaiye - If a lady tries to get a seat for her Infant in the Mini bus the conductor would 'politely' ask her to carry the child in her lap.
* Taap an taoun (Top-n-town) - The very famous joint of get together in the uptown New Market area of Bhopal.
* Kalmein kaise beh rahi hai tumhari(your hair are too long)
* Zero bate sannata chachaooooo ekdum bhannaat lag riya hega(uncle is looking smart)
* ( of a person)Bhai Ko- (short for ......... bhai ko salaam)
* Arey pehelwaan
* Akhaan sab kismat ki luck hai
* Iscooter thodi silo (slow) chalana
* Rawangee daal lo (Lets go)
* Kyon jhoom riya hega be (where are you roaming around?)
* Kanney kat gaye ( in reference to kite flying )
* Sar par de riya hega mila mila ke (Can't bear him anymore)

Well one more very interesting thing about our Bhopal.
There is a railway track which divides this city into two parts,if are facing towards ITARSI side,then on the right side of the track its new part of bhopal, and at the left had of the track its the old city still reatining the tradition. Arera colony,Shahpura,10 no Bitthan Market are all of the new bhopal. While Itwara, Somwara, Mangalwara, Budhwara, Jumeraati, Loha Bazaar, Chowk, Taliya, Shajanabaad, kotwaali Hamidia road are all of the old city. Generally, to feel the tradition of bhopal one has to be in this part of the bhopal. People of bhopal are very lovely people. They always be ready to help anyone. Till 70's there was "Patiya Baazi" was one of the bhopali tradition. Actually, the Patiya Baazi is a sort of people gossip in the old city. These talks were held on the cement slabs which were laid in front of the houses during the State time. A variety of topics ranging from the politics to entertainment were dicussed here. Many legendry indian politicians also had this Patiya Baazi at their youth.


Suksy said...

Bheri Bheri phunny!!!!

indicaspecies said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this post.

I've started using some of your phrases here for some hilarious communications and I must thank you for that. :)

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Abhishek K Singh said...


Sannidhya said...

one contribution from my side
"aa ria na ja ria faaltu chilla ria"

Phrase use for "I have..."
Hamare Kane .......
ex Hamare kane chcha jaan ki purani jeep hegi ........

Ritam Borah said...

Kewl boss kewl ...... but some of us still have prob saying "sootu sawul laa"

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great post...

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[i]bhanaat ho ria hai kha patahan lapak ke...!!!

Ash Sethi said...

Awesome work done mate !!

Beautifully written !

Jhakaas Lag Riya Hega ( Not a bhopali but trying da dialect ;-) )


Ash Sethi said...

@Sannidhya In moradabad its

" naa aa riya hein, naa jaariya hein, khada khada muskura riya hein ;-) "


Deepak said...

i was there a place called Dewas near to Indor; really a good place to live & good food like Pooha & Jalibee & doodh and sabudane ki khichdee; good people to work with.

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are miyan aapne to bas, apna jamana yaad karwa diye, ...

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very good and interesting compilation. It is difficult to find this dilect when you visit Bhopal even old Bhopal today. Sholay also gave some part through Surma Bhopali but hard to find now. Tonga is extinct and replaced by Autos, shopping areas getting replaced by Malls and Multiplexes increasing every month. Old cultures need to be preserved.

Anonymous said...

A wonderful read. Fond memories.

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Lo kallo[baat].."Hao" kiya shajanabaad pilta yaaye ?