Sunday, November 25, 2007

New age addiction..." The Orkut "

I was invited to this by one of my very new friend (at that time) who is now very good friend of mine. I finally joined Orkut in Feb 2006 just for experimenting.

After that, there was no looking back...i was more than happy to meet few of my old school buddies..whom I thought I'll never meet again. But thanks to Orkut I am in touch with them again:)I was able to find out my school mates after a long gap of 17 Years.

There has been good and bad of Orkut, I must say everything has this. We should see the good part and encourage it.There are so many cases in media portraying the evil part of Orkut, but according to me, its upon a individual to take it in an bad or good way!!

Preference should be given to people whom you know personally. Don't just accept anyone as a friend for the sake of increasing your friends' count. This is for your safety only.

orkut has changes a lot since I was first introduced to this site. Lots of changes and lots of great new features have been added recently making it a good experience. The best one is the recent one of scrapbook privacy, giving you full control on who can write in your scrap and who can't. This is a good move towards making this place clean. Also allowing me to write in my language helps me to feel like this is something native to me.

Although it is a great addiction, like as if you are addicted to some drug :)..but I think it's still worth.

I believe there are so may things which will come soon. One feature I would like to see in Orkut is concept of private scrap, so that I can hide my private scraps from eyes of everyone :)

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