Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Where are we headed now......??

Today's headlines on all news channels:-
Two girls molested by a group of drunk guys in front of a five star hotel at Mumbai and no case registered. (The HT reporter who covered this incident was busy in taking on the spot snaps, although later he spotted a police petroling vehicle and alerted. Wasn't he supposed to call the police and then take the snaps?)

Yesterday's headlines:-
Drunk speedster killing people on new year eve in Delhi and Mumbai.

Headlines a week ago:-
Benazir Bhutto assassinated, killed or died, still a dispute. Pakistan Govt. changing their statements like we used to do in our schooldays (give any excuse for coming late to scholl, although none of them sounded valid). All Indian leaders praising Benazir after her death. The same leaders who used to say that she is root cause of so many Indo-Pak related issues.

I am reading two books by Mark Tully (formar BBC correspondent for south east Asia) " India's Unending Journey: Finding Balance in a Time of Change" and "India In Slow Motion". After trying to visualise what Mark has seen in India and what are we now, I am very much confused. On one hand a British national who came to India, experince it and now staying in India. Mark has explained the country as if he is born in this country and he is writing something about his homeland. And on the other hand we people, born and bought up over here and still unable to understand our own country.

I am unable to understand what is happening to this Asian subcontinent. What are we trying to imitate. The great US culture by celebrating new year like this or to show that we are now a free and economically independet country that can kill, molest people in the name of new year celeberations and feel proud of it.

That way I think US people are far better as they don't try to imitate anyone and never boast of their moral vales.

I suggest you go through "India's Unending Journey: Finding Balance in a Time of Change" and "India In Slow Motion "by Mark Tully

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