Monday, May 19, 2008

Really funny..or serious I don't know

I had been staying in this city for over a period of seven months now. When I left Bangalore to come here, I told to myself, I'll love to come back to Bangalore , given a chance to come.

But after staying here for this period, I don't think I'll be able to say the same for this city. I am forced to say that. There are few reasons for this statement of mine.

1)I had been a regular visitor to a very good restaurant during my stay here, but some thing happened this weekend and I am forced to remove its name from my favourite list. I went there after a very long day at office with my best friend for a dinner. I was told there is no space there and I have to wait for around 20 minutes to get a place. I was waiting, but then I saw something that I never liked. Two guys walked in and the restaurant manager gave them the place to enjoy. I stood there waiting.
Minutes later, a family of three came and they were also given place. I was thinking as if I was not going to pay, so there was no place for me.
My friend asked me to leave immediately and we left. Although I'll miss the place but I am sure, I will never go back there. Why do people here think that all bachelors are not worth respect even at restaurants. This never happened to me at any other city.
I believe as long as I am paying money I should get respect, at least the restaurants should use FIFS (First In First Served). I am amazed....

2) I am also amazed my the way people live here. They are far more than busy in themselves. They really didn't care for anything else. You must try to look out for a dustbin on the street shops. Seems looking for a dustbin is a crime :). People are happy to loiter here and there.

3) come rains and the city will be flooded. What I heard that it happens every year, yet its still there, no corrections or rectifications. Great!!

Although I'll be missing the beauties around here, but still I don't want to come back to this place.

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Siva K.Balan Pillai said...

That's it Bhai! Come back home...

There is an alternate way to tackle the first point... get married!!!

Now coming to serious point: yes every city has its own woes. We either live with it, or try to correct it. But can we do something to correct it? I fear the answer is a big NO. We are too small to bring in those changes, aren't we?

That's why I wrote my latest blog on India and Politics...

Wish you a better stay at Cal, bhai!