Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mumbai Mere Jaan

Just watched the movie "Mumbai Mere Jaan ". A really mind boggling story. It shows the face of media towards an incident, of a family towards someone they lost, of a person who just had a close shave with death, of a police constable who realised that he had done nothing in his whole service, of a marriage that never happened, of a young Indian who loves his country and thinks about improving that, of a struggling businessman who has got some inhibitions related to religion.

I had been to that place few a times when it was known as Bombay and also when it is known as Mumbai. There was no visible change in the place, people and city.

The way the incident of city has been depicted in the movie can disturb you if you are afraid to see blood, injured people, bodies etc..but think about the Mumbaikars who witnessed the blasts which shattered the local trains, felt the pain of the injured, mourned for those who died and still they are moving on.

What can be attained by killing innocent people is far far beyond my thinking levels. I wonder how can anyone be so cruel to kill so many people without knowing them.

The way to fight terror is not what Uncle Sam is doing by bombing another country of hanging an old dictator, but is by coming together ignoring race, religion, caste and colour.

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