Thursday, October 02, 2008

Smoking banned in India (Read "banned in public ")

The so called social movement has officially started in India effective today (As our Mr. Health Minister says) with the help of enforcement agencies. Even companies where smoking was allowed inside office had also circulated this memorandum of no smoking to support it. Many feel although this move will not be able to stop people from smoking but it may help in their efforts to kick the butt.

My question in this line is "Does anyone really need a law if he/she wants to quit smoking and if they don't want to quit , can any law help??"

Everyone knows how much effective is any ban in our country. I would love to see how this ban on smoking in public will be implemented. I see people (read Cigarette consumers ) discussing the implications and effects of this law. Every one is anxious to see the outcome of implementation to be implemented all over India starting tomorrow. Personally I neither support this nor I oppose this as this is one more law for me which I know will be implemented in typical government execution style. Police will be happy to settle scores with the offenders caught smoking(read off record cases), filling their pockets and letting people go away.

Lets wait and see what happens of this much hyped law on 139th birth anniversary of Mr. Gandhi.

I had read somewhere "To quit smoking is not very difficult, we know because we have tried it a 1000 times "

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