Saturday, November 08, 2008

Calcutta a "Mixed Bag"

It has been more than one year for me in Calcutta as of now and I came across so many more things over here that I though of penning it down to share it again. And yes I am calling Kolkata as Calcutta because ever since I remember, I knew this place as Calcutta only and I loved that name.

I had been to other metros also, came across various places/people but this city, oldest metro of my country is again a Pandora's box for me.

This city has got a culture of British Raaj, old buildings depicting the legacy of English spread into acres and acres of land like Victoria Memorial

Also I could see people struggling to reach their destinations in crowded buses

I could see few places of ample parking space in the heart of the city

Also I could see bumper to bumper parking nearby

I could see people enjoying a Ferry ride for pleasure and outing

Also I could see a fisherman waiting for fishes to get caught in his net patiently for hours in the same waters

I could see mad rush of people during Durga Puja celebrations

Also I could see same old city moving at its own pace somewhere else

I could see innovative ideas during during Durga Puja celebrations

Also I could see very old local trains acting as a backbone of the city

I could see nature at its best during one of my outings

Also I could see craftsman's perfect creations

As we sit and watch, the city opens up bit by bit and shows us its many faces....

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Ashish Chatterjee said...

beautiful... welcome to Calcutta-
the city you love to hate and yet love