Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mumbai Mirror

The recent terrorist attacks on Mumbai showed us

  • How easily security was infiltrated
  • How people kept their cool in such situation
  • How can a bunch of youth, when misguided can lay their life for something cruel like this in the name of terrorism
  • How our brave fighters took over the whole situation and sanitised everything
  • How shamelessly our great politicians behave in these situations
  • How media stood by for minute by minute update to make us feel safe
  • How a normal Mumbaikar was there to serve tea to Jawans fighting there

Those terrorists tried their best to ruin our image of a peaceful nation in the name of religious warfare, but of no use. We are still a economically sound, peaceful and rock solid country and nothing like this can shake us.

I heard about all this at around midnight and ever since keeping a close watch on the happening. It was rather shocking and painful to see innocent people being targeted for no reason. I would rather say, if you want a war, let it be a war. We'll close the topic once for all. We lost many innocent and brave lives, someone lost their son, a girl who was planning to get married lost her future husband, a family in UP lost their son who went to Mumbai to earn so that he can earn for marriage of his sister and so many more.....

Media was giving update minute by minute, net was flooded with updates on sites like twitter, blogger etc, but I seriously think the media has to be more responsible to decide what should be disclosed and what should not to be shown.

Sometimes I wonder why we can't provide advanced weapons to each and every police personal. I don't thing budget should be a restrain for this as I believe this can be provided if extravagant expenditure on useless politicians can be trimmed a bit. If they had all this , there was no need for them to wait for NSG to arrive at scene and they could had acted much faster. One of the frustrating things to see was that we had the first statement from any politician, Dr. Manmohan Singh after 19 hours from when the terrorist attacks started, no one else seriously bothered about all this as they don't have anything to capitalise on, what a shame.

One thing I would like to mention specially is about Raj Thakery and MNS people were. I hope he knew that NSG people although were not marathi manoos but they risked their lives to save so call "his Mumbai". Hope he must have understood that not all people think like him, or else still Taj would have been under control of terrorists. On the other hand there were Mumbaikar who were offering tea to the Jawans fighting for their countrymen at all the attack locations.

People should have faith in their system and has to be more vigilant as a citizen to prevent anything like this from happening.

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Siva K.Balan Pillai said...

I completely agree! Would like to second your opinion of upgrading arms of policemen, with one thought... it is not just arms, it also has to do with training and fitness norms of local policemen