Sunday, November 30, 2008


Relations is one of the most complex gifts to his society by human beings. Its a collection of different tastes..sweet, sour, salty, bitter and so on...

There are so many types of relations like with normal friends, parents, siblings, close friends, colleagues, buddies from school and college and many more...Some you choose and some you don't....To keep in sync with everyone and to be with everyone all the time is itself a great skill, that one need to inherit to be good at relations.

Although I am gifted with many beautiful relations in my life. There are people who mean everything to me in life and hope I do mean something to atleast few of them in their lives, but I somehow feel I am not so good at nourishing those, as I can see I am missing few of my relations and need to upgrade myself on this front. I feel I had hurt few of my relations (who I chose myself) in recent past and I repent my actions . Wished I had updated myself well, so that I could have avoided that.

I miss those relations very badly. For some I lost, I am really puzzled what went wrong, for some I knew there were my so called other relations responsible,but now that is past and can't be changed. Wish I could go back in time and correct my mistakes.

I knew very well that relationships are meant to be cherished not to be broken, but feel myself helpless standing at various junctions of life, just stuck with the responsibilities and expectations of my other relations.

Whenever I am alone and think of my past, I find myself in a situation like in the lines below..

कोई फरियाद तेरे दिल मैं दबी हो जैसे,
तूने आँखों से कोई बात कही हो जैसे,
जान बाकी हो मगर,सांस रुकी हो जैसे ...
हर मुलाकात पर महसूस यही होता है..
मुझसे कुछ तेरी नज़र पूछ रही हो जैसे..
राह चलते हुए अक्सर यह गुमान होता है,
वो नज़र छुप के मुझे देख रही हो जैसे..

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