Friday, December 26, 2008

Can we live without e-mail and Internet now..?

I first came across something known as e-mail and Internet long back in early January 1999 at India Internet World, Pragati Maidaan, N Delhi. I was introduced to this by one of my batch mate at CDAC. It was really hard for me to believe at that point of time that anything like this can happen. To receive a mail you just needed a mail id and you have to know the nearest cyber cafe address.

I still remember those post dial up screens while connecting for Internet. Usually we used to keep our mails ready in a notepad and carry the same to the cyber cafe in a floppy so that we can send few mails within one hour. Visiting cafe once in 15 days was the best I could do at that time.

Now if I see, even a primary kid has got more mail pals that I am having in my total life till now. Now thinking that we can do away without e-mail is unbelievable. I now communicate using e-mail for my official and personal things. People expect a reply to the mail they sent to me few minutes back. And this has been fuelled up by social networking sites. Moment I see a new scrap in my scrapbook I am tempted to reply to that :). I never go to a railway station for booking my tickets, I book online. I never visit my bank branch for any transaction, I do it online. I do a voice/video chat with my family and friends instead of calling them. Things seems to be lot more easier and smoother because of Internet revolution. I can book hotels and restaurants online to have party with friends. I am more into e-life now a days because of this Internet boom.

This looks like the biggest revolution after mobile phones to me and now it seems to impossible to live without these.

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