Sunday, December 21, 2008

Laws of life

I seriously believe people should follow these rules in their life to be happy.

1. Truth is a matter of timing: When I said that there was nothing wrong with the network it was true, things have changed. I love it when people try to hold me to things I said and try to tell me I am lying. This "rule" is more of a scientific proof.

2. Hold yourself only to your own standards: Do not hold yourself to others' standards. Hold yourself to your own measure (which is usually a much higher standard anyway), and have never felt wanting in any way.

3. Be selfish: There is a famous quote "If you are not for yourself, who will be? If you are only for yourself, what are you?" The one human being you are in the best position to protect and take care of is yourself, and you need care and protection like everyone else, so do yourself and everyone else a favour and take care of yourself first and others second. If you don't take care of yourself adequately
a)someone else is eventually going to get stuck with the burden of bailing you out and
b)your ability to help others is going to be diminished. Putting others first is really the ultimate selfish act. Take care of your own legitimate needs first, and then help others.

4. No one has any power over you which you do not choose to give them: What is your boss going to do, fire you? Unless you choose to allow that to have power over you, it is just an empty threat.

5. Owe people nothing: If you do things for people out of a gloomy feeling of obligation you are going to a half-hearted job of it and the other person is going to feel your half-heartiness too making things worse. If you do things for other people because you simply enjoy doing things for other people then you are going to put some passion into it because it’s fun and rewarding and the other person will sense it and feel uplifted. If you don't enjoy doing things for other people then just accept it and move on and don't drag yourself and other people down by doing things for others out of "obligation."

6. No remorse: Same thing. Either decide to make amends, which will free you from the feeling of remorse, or decide that you did nothing wrong and move on. Ruminating on bad choices to make you feel remorse for more than the split second necessary to decide to make amends is just self-indulgence. Some people mistakenly feel that "I feel really bad about what I did, and that’s punishment enough"

7. No guilt: Guilt is just an unpleasant emotion that happens after the fact and only in the brain of a single individual. By itself the emotion of guilt does nothing in the world except make one person miserable. If the first feel of guilt about a specific action results in the sufferer promptly taking action to make amends (which erases the guilt), then great. But guilt that lasts more than the split second necessary to take action on making amends doesn't help anyone, and may actually make the world a worse place to the extent people decide on how guilty they feel is an acceptable substitute for making amends.

I am emulating few lines from one of my friend's profile "It’s better to be hated for what you are, than to be loved for what you are not "

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