Thursday, December 04, 2008

People United

Despite all the loss and pain we suffered due to 26/11 one good thing came out, "The People". I could see lots and lots of people from all places coming together and demanding, sharing the pain and expressing their anger and grief over what happened. This is the first time in the history of independent India that people had came together to show their anger toward our useless politicians who are just busy passing the bucks.

People are saying today that Enough is Enough and we are not going to tolerate all this now on. We are paying taxes to the government so that they spend all this money to protect some so called biggies who are facing murder charges against them. If they are truly peoples' representatives why do they need all this showbiz of having Z+ and Z security. When the people who are voting for them are not being protected why do they pay for their politicians' security?

Why should one go out and vote for someone who is doing nothing to protect their interests? I believe we should have an option of "No one is fit" while voting and given this option, I am sure that most of us will go for that option. What is the need of keeping and feeding these white elephants who are all burden on our country. Why should be a politician be paid so much, why should he be given free electricity, free residence, free telephone, free security cover and free travel when a general citizen has to fight for his basic needs and requirements?

Under present situation, while leaving home in morning, no one is sure what is going to happen to him later in the day, wether he will come back home safely or not is not sure to him. When a common man who was supposed to be the pillar of democracy is now shaken and stirred, how can we expect the democracy to survive?

When politicians have no respect for the rules and regulation of this country, why should a common man be made scapegoat for something he never opted of?

Where a Home minister is more concerned about his dress than the safety of people, where a  chief minister is more concerned about the vote bank and ignores the group of people taking over law in the name of regionalism, where ruling coalition is still busy playing the cast card for electing the new chief minister, no wonder a bunch of guys in their twenties have courage to plan and execute the attack on Mumbai's soft targets. I wonder why these politicians are never targeted by these terrorist attacks?

How so called owners of Mumbai are still not in scene despite all this happened and those unwanted outsiders came, fought, laid their lives and rescued people from those attack targets?

How can intelligence fail in collecting and interpreting these vital inputs that led to the attack? Its like a sailor saying that I could not take the ship into deep seas. This is what he is supposed to do, this is his job. If the solider posted on the border starts ignoring his duties, can we be peaceful at our homes?

Instead of passing the bucks, everyone has to be honest to his/her duties and responsibilities and has to be an active and aware citizen if we want our country to be a peaceful and developed place worth living.

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