Sunday, January 11, 2009

Political Threat..Hunh....

In past few days we came across Samajwaadi party offering a ticket to Sanju Baba!! That was not at all a surprise move. Sooner or later this was supposed to happen. And Mr Jethmalani, who once fought for Sanju Baba is now declaring him as a threat to "National Security". If he really was a threat, why he was defending him previously.

If all the existing politicians are not a threat for India how come someone like Sanju Baba be considered as a threat? If all the murderers, extortionist etc can be our netas, why not Sanju?

Our democracy is a great leveller, its the only place that allows Harvard graduates and criminals to share a same platform. And I am sure if Sanjay fights for elections, he is going to vin for sure.

So Munnabhai chale Parliament......

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