Friday, January 23, 2009

What is a "Slumdog" and why are Indians getting irked by the movie's success

Danny Boyle’s ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ has been nominated for ten Oscars. But many Indians are unhappy with the way India is portrayed in the film, particularly the way the poverty is served to the audiences.

The movie tells the story of an Indian boy from Mumbai's notorious slums who end up becoming a millionaire. He knew all the answers from his walk of life.

There are Indians who are proud of the Golden Globe awards it has won, and keeping their fingers crossed for the big big Oscars, some still believe that the film publishes a western colonial view of India. The movie in no ways reflects the real India, what it is now.

First thing that has to be noted is, although there are Indian contributions to this story but its not an Indian piece of creativity. Its an British movie, set in the backdrops of Indian slums and since its not our creation we do not have the credits.

As in any Indian movie, any American is a beer drinking guy with lots of dollars, similarly for them its always slum.

I personally like the movie just because of the way Jamal grew up in the story and the way it was portrayed to the viewers.

Its always the wish of the director and the producer to choose their topic and target audience accordingly.

If you like it, go and watch the movie and if you don't like it, forget about it.
Simply like what we did for many American movies on Columbia and Russia.


Pee Bee said...

My Take on the same "Take a chill pill critics. Just enjoy the movie. If its won a few awards and more so if a few Indians are part of the win, what's the harm in reveling in the fun."

Pee Bee said...
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