Sunday, January 25, 2009

Why don't political parties recruit ?

All the political parties who wants to make our country shining and take our country to new heights, do not recruit by publishing as all companies do.

If they really are serious in what they say, why don't they publish about openings so that they can get really good candidates. Why only family members of politicians are into politics. Why not anyone line me and you?

If they really want this to happen they should recruit guys from various fields of specialisations. Ideally they should recruit guys from financial background for finance portfolio, from IT background for technological portfolio and so on..

Why the aspirant has to be from some of the political party man or some powerful background. We should get an option to choose from the best while voting so that we can have real leaders, not someone who has got criminal record holding a position related to people security or some one charged of forgery holding a ministerial position dealing with finance.

Ideally parties should publish the requirements and make their selection process open to public so that people can have a fair deal while electing their leaders.We can always have a mix of experience and enthusiasm by keeping a mix of young specialised guys and our elderly experienced politicians to guide them.

If I can vote for my next IT minister I will make sure that I will caste my vote and would love to see a really eligible candidates getting selected for the position.

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