Monday, February 16, 2009

Who owns "The Great Indian Culture"

There has been many rounds of discussion going on on Indian Culture. Who owns it, who will define which act comes within the limits of the culture and who is supposed to govern it?

Indian culture is a very subjective thing and it has been used by several groups and parties for their interest.

Our culture is there for more than few thousand years and its not so fragile that a few people can break or shake it. Also it doesn't need any expert politician to protect it. Although the government has got responsibly to protect the right of each and every citizen.

India is a free country, people have very right to do whatever they want. Going to a pub is absolutely not a crime and no one has got right to beat any man or woman who goes to a pub or a discotheque. After a long day at work if anyone wants to go to a pub or disc to unwind, I don't see any Culture violation in that. This whole issue is blown out of proportion by people, political parties and media. Ideally no one should be allowed to take the law in their hands in the name of God. And I seriously believe that people who are doing all this are a bit jealous that they can't go inside a pub and spend like other people are doing.

I stayed in Bangalore for two years and what I liked about that city most was the freedom and energy that city holds. People used to be free there to enjoy their lives as per their wish. Yes we do have responsibilities to keep private things within the limits and do not expose those acts in public. But that never means that to watch a movie in theatre, I have to take an approval from some group or to go to a pub I need an clearance from so called owners of Indian Culture. I think the people who were talking about Indian culture at Mangalore pub and attacking women who were present there forgot that Indian culture also talks about respecting women. 

On top of that Renuka Choudhary giving slogan "Pub Bharo".Why do the politicians are trying to take advantage of all this. I am not going to a Pub on directives of someone. I go there because I like the environment over there. And what I like and dislike has to be according to my wish. I being a proud citizen of this great country I would like to enjoy my freedom of expression, freedom of movement and all that freedom provided to me by my constitution. I pay my taxes to the government and would like to avail all the rights extended to me by my constitution.

If these things like being attacked because you belong to a group or sex, then what's the difference between living in a democracy like India and living under the rule of Taliban? Everyone including citizens and political parties are responsible for making sure that right people are elected and law and order is maintained at any cost. 

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