Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Professional Heart Breaker

In this era of professionalism where for everything we do have a professional services available. If we want we can get flowers delivered at any address using professional services available, get our house painted using again professional services.

Like we have professional matchmakers, sites offering these services of matrimony. You can be a free user with limited services or you can have professional assistance as a paid member.

How about a professional heart breaker or in other words a profile called “Relationship Termination Specialist”. If you cannot break your relationship peacefully you can hire one. In this world of fast dating, this will be a most sought after service. He will go and deliver your message to the intended person.  And this will save you from emotional atyachaar. Imagine how smooth your life will be with all this!. No frills and no strings attached. You don’t have to go to your boyfriend or girlfriend and tell what are the problems they have, like

1. They know only 2-3 jokes and all are pathetic

2. They are racist

3. They do not fit anywhere in public

4. They don’t have any taste!! and so on…

In this present scenario of downtime this will surely be a rocking professional option.

Monday, April 27, 2009

My walk of Life….

Today I stand here and look back and I see lots and lots of memories and experiences. A mixed bag of good, bad and ugly ones.

There are times when I feel like thanking everyone who made this journey possible and made this journey a pleasant one. These are the one who stood by me when I myself was struggling, who gave me shoulder when I was crying, who joined me when I was enjoying, who encouraged me when I was down and out.

Although there are very few people whom I can’t even dare to think of saying a “Thank You”, because they are the reason I am here writing all this. They mean everything to me, more than even my existence. They went through all pain to make me what I am today, they taught me how to live and how to be a good human being.

There are others also who share my current position in life both personal and social. Few ugly memories, few bad memories and people behind all that. I do give them also a bit of credit as they gave me few unforgettable lessons in my journey till now. Life is an endless journey of learning and improving and everyone should go through it.

So Thank You people again for being part of my journey of life. What ever I am now today I dedicate to you all my family, relatives, friends (present alongside and lost during this journey) and all my critics and well wishers.

I miss you all………... 

Have you ever been HR’ed

The credit for this blog goes to my colleagues Jam, Amy and Opium. They are the one who inspired me or rather forced me to write about this HR'ed topic.

I need to explain first what is meant by HR'ed?

The next thing I would explain is about the symptoms of being HR'ed

Then comes effects of being HR'ed on that person’s surrounding, peers and his life.

According to Opium every one of his vendor company is HR i.e.,Human Resource, not to be mistaken by HR department. So being HR'ed is getting influenced by some HR so badly that you change the way you live. Or the change in your style of talking, walking and behaving is visible to everyone around you. This HR'ed can be because of love, enthusiasm or because of so many other influences of that HR. If any of these happens to you you are considered as HR'ed.

Symptoms of being HR'ed includes talking to yourself, smiling all alone, singing songs, talking on phone while walking, eating, watching TV, sleeping etc, not getting annoyed by anything, roaming all day without any reason visible to others and so on….

This has got severe effect on his peers and colleagues. Every one is made to believe that nothing is going on although every one can see and feel it very clearly. There are several attempts made by the person HR'ed to make you believe that the HR is not from someone they know, examples are given and stories made.

But in all its a pleasure for the everyone other to watch the person who has got HR’ed.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Impatience is the new way of life!

I saw an advertisement today from Airtel with this punch line "Impatience is the new way of life!". The advertisement was related to broadband speed but it really reflects how we are behaving now a days.

We are getting impatient day by day. We cannot wait for our turn at ticket counter in Metro queue. We cannot wait for the lift to come down and keep pressing the buttons. We cannot wait to get a promotion. We cannot wait for the traffic to move on a traffic signal and keep honking (which should now be included in constitution as our birth right now). We don not have patience to watch even a one day match (and hence the concept of twenty twenty). We cannot wait for the food to be served when at a restaurant of cafe joint. We cannot wait for the exams to be over so that we can party. We cannot wait for the commercial break to get over so that we can watch our favourite movie or TV series. We cannot wait for the month to get over so that we can get our salary. We cannot wait for our turn ay pool table. We cannot wait for someone to complete his call if we are trying his number and keep on calling him.

We are truly getting impatient and and I am unable to understand whether this is for good or bad?

Satyam now thinks Technically Mahindra's way!

Finally an owner for Satyam after so much of drama, hatred, broken hearts and shattered dreams of people who had believed in a dream called Satyam. When this story of Mr Raju broke out, it shattered the image of corporate India across world and the employees were left clueless of their fate. Their credit cards got cancelled, their loans were put on hold by banks and so on.

Finally Tech Mahindra today offered a bid to purchase shares of Satyam @ 58 Rupees each. This would have given a sigh of relief to hundreds of employees who were worried about how to pay their debts like home and car loans apart from fulfilling the responsibilities of their dependents.

Its time now when we should forget the past and encourage everyone to fight together in bringing back the faith and confidence in our IT industry. Together we can fight back with much of ease and sail through this bad time. Ups and downs are part of life and this stands true for the IT industry also. In boom we and our fellows had enjoyed a hike of three folds or a two times salary while changing our jobs. Similarly in this time of distress we have to stay strong and be together so that this bad patch is also over and we can enjoy the fruits of our patience.

I agree that this is a time of recession but also believe that we should keep our faith in our abilities. This recession thing is fuelled by our minds also. Whenever we are together, the topics of our discussion related to recession. I wonder if companies across world were earning so much for past so many years, how come a recession of one year shattered their ability to grow?

I believe this takeover will help in regaining the honour of Satyam to its previous heights.

"Maruti" purchases Nano

The day booking for Nano started in India it was a dream come true for Ratan Tata.

First day of booking resulted in more than twenty thousand of bookings. There were people like a lady from Delhi booking two cars, one for herself and one for her college going daughter, like a middle class guy from Kolkata purchasing it for his family of four and so on. But what touched was case of a guy from amchi Mumbai "Maruti". This guy is a cobbler working for past thirty years in city. His family consists of his wife and a kid who will be passing SSC next year. When asked he told that he was saving for past six years for a bike and then came Nano. He thought why not go for a better option than purchasing a bike. This guy had paid one lakh forty thousand in cash for booking his dream car Nano himself without any loan. Although first one lakh owners of this dream car will be chosen by a computerised lottery but Maruti was very much confident of getting his car. The happiness of owning a car was very much visible on his face.

Mr Tata must be very happy to know the sentiments of people which are attached with the Nano. I personally adore him for his sheer simplicity, passion and truthfulness. The day Mr Tata launched this car his confidence and dedication showed in his statement "A promise is a promise". He made a promise to people of India and he kept his promise despite so much problems like Singur and political setbacks. His dream of offering each and every Indian a car is true now. I salute his dedication to this nation.

Hope other industrialists will take a lesson or I would like to say will be inspired from this initiative from Mr Tata and come forward for serving the people of nation instead of gifting Jets to their wives or building a mansion for their family of four or five.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Shoe Business

After the incident of throwing shoe on ex-US president Mr Bush in Iraq by a journalist, today there comes a repetition of similar type by a journalist Jarnail Singh (reporter from Daily Dainik Jagaran) hurling a shoe on home minister Mr. Chidambaram. If you had watched today's video footage closely, this was just a protest not a targeted attack on Mr home minister.

I believe most of the people who watched this episode will agree to the fact that this was really an act of protest not an attack.

When our minister was not ready to answer a question which was a non related query to that forum, the journalist said "I protest" and just threw that show, If he really wanted to attack him, he could had easily been on target. And our minister asked Poilce to go easy with him, I am not sure whether he really wanted to do so.  But has to do so because the whole issue of Mr Jagdeesh Tytlor being given a clean chit by CBI, that too just before the general elections is too sensitive to be taken lightly. Mr Jagdeesh being a Gandhi family loyalist can not be denied a ticket and people who suffered during that riot are not ready to forgive him and they should really not forgive him. No one should have an impression that just because he or she is in power or a politician, they can do anything and will be left uncharged.

Today we see in media Lead India campaign saying "No to criminals" but are the political parties listening? If yes, they why we are still having gundas and criminals as candidates. If no, why not? Do they think that they can do whatever they want and no one one will oppose.

So lets break their myth this time and continue this "Shoe Business" in all legal forms (including voting for right candidate only) for those who are not listening till they start believing that India is not owned by a bunch of people, instead we "The People" are the real owners of India.

I had read somewhere " In democracy, people vote first and then suffer but in Dynasty there is no option of voting" and we the people don't want to suffer.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

अब आप अपनी भाषा में भी मेल लिख सकते हैं !

Thanks to Google transliteration tools I can write mail in my language to my freinds and family members..

Click Here for details

Excellent job done Team Google!!