Monday, April 27, 2009

Have you ever been HR’ed

The credit for this blog goes to my colleagues Jam, Amy and Opium. They are the one who inspired me or rather forced me to write about this HR'ed topic.

I need to explain first what is meant by HR'ed?

The next thing I would explain is about the symptoms of being HR'ed

Then comes effects of being HR'ed on that person’s surrounding, peers and his life.

According to Opium every one of his vendor company is HR i.e.,Human Resource, not to be mistaken by HR department. So being HR'ed is getting influenced by some HR so badly that you change the way you live. Or the change in your style of talking, walking and behaving is visible to everyone around you. This HR'ed can be because of love, enthusiasm or because of so many other influences of that HR. If any of these happens to you you are considered as HR'ed.

Symptoms of being HR'ed includes talking to yourself, smiling all alone, singing songs, talking on phone while walking, eating, watching TV, sleeping etc, not getting annoyed by anything, roaming all day without any reason visible to others and so on….

This has got severe effect on his peers and colleagues. Every one is made to believe that nothing is going on although every one can see and feel it very clearly. There are several attempts made by the person HR'ed to make you believe that the HR is not from someone they know, examples are given and stories made.

But in all its a pleasure for the everyone other to watch the person who has got HR’ed.

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