Monday, April 27, 2009

My walk of Life….

Today I stand here and look back and I see lots and lots of memories and experiences. A mixed bag of good, bad and ugly ones.

There are times when I feel like thanking everyone who made this journey possible and made this journey a pleasant one. These are the one who stood by me when I myself was struggling, who gave me shoulder when I was crying, who joined me when I was enjoying, who encouraged me when I was down and out.

Although there are very few people whom I can’t even dare to think of saying a “Thank You”, because they are the reason I am here writing all this. They mean everything to me, more than even my existence. They went through all pain to make me what I am today, they taught me how to live and how to be a good human being.

There are others also who share my current position in life both personal and social. Few ugly memories, few bad memories and people behind all that. I do give them also a bit of credit as they gave me few unforgettable lessons in my journey till now. Life is an endless journey of learning and improving and everyone should go through it.

So Thank You people again for being part of my journey of life. What ever I am now today I dedicate to you all my family, relatives, friends (present alongside and lost during this journey) and all my critics and well wishers.

I miss you all………... 

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Himanshu said...

Are we facing midlife crisis earlier than expected? Well, at some point of time we do want to pay apologies or appreciation to all the people, responsible to lead us upto this juncture of life. In this case, "YOUR WELCOME" Abhi.:)