Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Professional Heart Breaker

In this era of professionalism where for everything we do have a professional services available. If we want we can get flowers delivered at any address using professional services available, get our house painted using again professional services.

Like we have professional matchmakers, sites offering these services of matrimony. You can be a free user with limited services or you can have professional assistance as a paid member.

How about a professional heart breaker or in other words a profile called “Relationship Termination Specialist”. If you cannot break your relationship peacefully you can hire one. In this world of fast dating, this will be a most sought after service. He will go and deliver your message to the intended person.  And this will save you from emotional atyachaar. Imagine how smooth your life will be with all this!. No frills and no strings attached. You don’t have to go to your boyfriend or girlfriend and tell what are the problems they have, like

1. They know only 2-3 jokes and all are pathetic

2. They are racist

3. They do not fit anywhere in public

4. They don’t have any taste!! and so on…

In this present scenario of downtime this will surely be a rocking professional option.

1 comment:

Himanshu said...

Nice concept. But, I do feel that if you are convinced to break a relationship, you should face the person, talk it out and get separated on a good note rather than keep the guilt within you for the rest of your life.