Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Satyam now thinks Technically Mahindra's way!

Finally an owner for Satyam after so much of drama, hatred, broken hearts and shattered dreams of people who had believed in a dream called Satyam. When this story of Mr Raju broke out, it shattered the image of corporate India across world and the employees were left clueless of their fate. Their credit cards got cancelled, their loans were put on hold by banks and so on.

Finally Tech Mahindra today offered a bid to purchase shares of Satyam @ 58 Rupees each. This would have given a sigh of relief to hundreds of employees who were worried about how to pay their debts like home and car loans apart from fulfilling the responsibilities of their dependents.

Its time now when we should forget the past and encourage everyone to fight together in bringing back the faith and confidence in our IT industry. Together we can fight back with much of ease and sail through this bad time. Ups and downs are part of life and this stands true for the IT industry also. In boom we and our fellows had enjoyed a hike of three folds or a two times salary while changing our jobs. Similarly in this time of distress we have to stay strong and be together so that this bad patch is also over and we can enjoy the fruits of our patience.

I agree that this is a time of recession but also believe that we should keep our faith in our abilities. This recession thing is fuelled by our minds also. Whenever we are together, the topics of our discussion related to recession. I wonder if companies across world were earning so much for past so many years, how come a recession of one year shattered their ability to grow?

I believe this takeover will help in regaining the honour of Satyam to its previous heights.

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