Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Shoe Business

After the incident of throwing shoe on ex-US president Mr Bush in Iraq by a journalist, today there comes a repetition of similar type by a journalist Jarnail Singh (reporter from Daily Dainik Jagaran) hurling a shoe on home minister Mr. Chidambaram. If you had watched today's video footage closely, this was just a protest not a targeted attack on Mr home minister.

I believe most of the people who watched this episode will agree to the fact that this was really an act of protest not an attack.

When our minister was not ready to answer a question which was a non related query to that forum, the journalist said "I protest" and just threw that show, If he really wanted to attack him, he could had easily been on target. And our minister asked Poilce to go easy with him, I am not sure whether he really wanted to do so.  But has to do so because the whole issue of Mr Jagdeesh Tytlor being given a clean chit by CBI, that too just before the general elections is too sensitive to be taken lightly. Mr Jagdeesh being a Gandhi family loyalist can not be denied a ticket and people who suffered during that riot are not ready to forgive him and they should really not forgive him. No one should have an impression that just because he or she is in power or a politician, they can do anything and will be left uncharged.

Today we see in media Lead India campaign saying "No to criminals" but are the political parties listening? If yes, they why we are still having gundas and criminals as candidates. If no, why not? Do they think that they can do whatever they want and no one one will oppose.

So lets break their myth this time and continue this "Shoe Business" in all legal forms (including voting for right candidate only) for those who are not listening till they start believing that India is not owned by a bunch of people, instead we "The People" are the real owners of India.

I had read somewhere " In democracy, people vote first and then suffer but in Dynasty there is no option of voting" and we the people don't want to suffer.

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