Sunday, May 31, 2009

Australian for Racism

Australia was considered as a heaven for outsiders, people used to go there without any fear for holidaying and studying. Most of them were Indian. It was a heaven for Indian student, study and earn side by side that too while enjoying the scenic beauties and beaches like Bondi beach.

But ever since this incident of racist attacks on a group of students from Hyderabad every one is scared to visit that place. Even families are asking students studying over there to come back because they are scared, really scared. Today there was a rally peace rally outside Victorian Parliament by Indian immigrants to Australia. That showed the anger of Indians over there. Although Australian High Commissioner in India condemned this incident of racism and assured that Government of Australia will ensure that this will not happen again, but the faith of people is already shaken and its really difficult to restore that.

Big B had done a good thing by refusing to accept the honorary doctorate degree offered by an Australian University. As he writes on his blog ”I can’t accept an honour from people who are are targeting my fellow countrymen for no reason ”

We as good hosts, welcome each and every visitor to India and give them so respect (although there are people who try to overcharge and make money, Amir khan is appearing in an advertisement to discourage all this acts) and see what are we

In fact if the things go like this, as suggested my friend KG, there can be a scene where those 10 thousand people who came for peace march will come back soon and start demanding for a separate state to ensure security for them and their people.

Its like they are saying “I’d love India, If I don’t have to live in it”

Come on some respect…!!!

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