Thursday, May 28, 2009

The day when Kolkata stood Still

It was a regular morning on 25-05-2009. I got ready for going to office and was about to leave when I noticed that it was drizzling outside. Since I was in a hurry and was also hungry, I took a yellow trademark “Taxi” and started for office. On reaching office, I realised that the weather is not so good and I have no chance for having a breakfast. Anyways thanks to a colleague I got homemade Rotis and curry to fill my hungry stomach.

We started our work once it was 09:15 AM. It was still raining outside and the wind was blowing at such a speed that it looked like they are practising for laps at F1 circuits. It all started to go out of control at around 11:00 AM. Trees were trying to fly away in the skies and it also started raining heavily. Then most of us realised that it was “Aila”. I later came to know that although MET department had given a warning in advance but no one cared as usual because of their past track record of success in predictions.

This was first time I was witnessing something like this in my life till now. No one was allowed to leave the building. We can see metal sheets flying around, trees getting uprooted and it seems as if the building will fell down.

ITC BuildingThere was shortage of food inside office as uprooted trees had blocked all the ways and caterers were not able to deliver food. We all somehow managed our lunch.

ITC Center

During the time “Aila” was here at Kolkata, it halted all forms of lives. Worst hit were all the small shopkeepers on footpath. All the road side eating joints were ransacked. Cars crushed, electricity supply interrupted, water supply gone for a toss and lots of property destroyed.

JL Nehru

No one was sure of how long the situation will remain like  this. It all lasted for few hours, with worried people about what is going to happen next. Amid all this confusion, it was declared a holiday and people were asked to reach there respective homes before the next round of storm which was predicted by MET department which luckily misses Kolkata keeping department’s tradition alive. 

One of our seniors offer me a drop till my friend’s place and what I saw on my way back home was also bad. People were running like mad everywhere to reach their home safely.


No one in my office has been witness to anything like this at Kolkata. I saw Kolkata Police working hard to clear all this mess, but “Aila” caught the administration off guard and they have to struggle hard fighting all this.


Although its more than 36 hours since “Aila” passes Kolkata, administration is still fighting to bring back everything to normal. One can still see the uprooted trees still lying on road sides.


People are protesting as in few places they are still deprived of water and electricity supply. One of the major blockage by protestors today at places near to second Hoogly bridge sent traffic for a toss and people reached office as late as 12.00 PM today. Anyways life is coming back to normal at Kolkata after few hours of disaster and shock.

Whatever happens, life always comes back on track sooner or later….That’s the beauty of journey called life.

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