Thursday, May 28, 2009

Road – Pic - Trip

Few days back it was a lazy weekend approaching when I got an invite from Jamy for lunch at his place on Sunday afternoon which I happily accepted. Any invite from Jamy is meant to be accepted unconditionally as it is always bound to be a fun session. Every time I had been to his place, he is always ready with surprises and we had all enjoyed every time.

I was joined by Opium and KG for that lunch. We had a splendid round of Rajma-Rice-Curry along with Raita. All this was followed by a round of mango delicacy courtesy KG. We all were relaxing after that awesome treat, sting when we had an idea of going out for a road trip. Opium opted out owing sleeping disorders of his but rest of us three proceeded towards an unknown destination .

IMG_4955We crossed people enjoying an careless evening at Maidan and Victoria Memorial as we proceeded towards our unknown destination.

IMG_4964 IMG_4966

From there we headed towards second Hoogly bridge with an intention to have a drive at highway. I was especially excited as this was the first time I was going to those places in my stint at Kolkata.

IMG_4973Crossed toll bridge and continued to drive towards Delhi on NH06 although KG wanted to drive towards Mumbai but Jamy smilingly turned down his repeated request.


The view all around was very refreshingly green and lovely reminding me of one of my older trips to country sides.



By the time we reached Kona expressway it had already started raining and we were enjoying each and every moment of that.

IMG_4990  IMG_4994

By this time it was getting dark and we were also feeling hungry so we decided to give rest to our engines and cylinders to cool off.

IMG_5002And then it was time for Begun & Aloo Bhaja along with cups of tea served hot complimented with Parle-G.

IMG_5000 IMG_5001

After finishing all this we decided to take a U turn and started our journey back towards our dens. It was raining all the way back adding to the pleasure of the journey.

Enjoyed this Road-Pic-Trip to the most and looking forward to so many detoxifying and revitalising moments like this soon with you guys…!


Sahera said...

Cooooooooool...missed being a part to all the funfare..ur comments on my husband's culinary skills r welcome..hope u guys have many more adventures together.


Sahera Jamal

Ashish Chatterjee said...

the trip seemed really nice...
but how were the roads?

A K S said...

Ya it was good indeed, Expressway was cooool...never expected this to be here @ Kol keeping in mind what we see inside the city..