Friday, July 03, 2009

The D Day…

The time is now of something known as “Appraisal Time” for employees in private sector. This is the time everyone awaits every year to see the outcome of his commitment, efforts he had put throughout the year and to see where his career path is going. I agree that this had been a tough year for most of the companies and many had taken actions like retrenchment and pay cuts but its also important for management to understand that how delicate is this whole process of appraisal is. As this can make or break an employee’s mind frame towards his/ her work.

The people responsible for appraisal should understand that appraisal should be a two way open process rather than being a one way directives that an employee is expected to accept. They should also understand that not always what is reported by the employee’s manager about the employee is perfect. They should also come down and have a chit chat with the employee. This may not get any fruitful result to them, but this is going to boost the moral and productivity of the employee for sure.

Gone are the days when employee accepts and agrees to whatever that was told to him or her. With increasing level of uncertainty and anxiety, the need for effective communication along with true and impartial feedback becomes vital which every manager should understand clearly. An employee expects appraisal process to provide a clear understanding of their manager’s and company’s expectation from them and a clear path for growth in their current assignment and beyond.

I agree that there is lot of pressure on organisations to conduct effective appraisal keeping employees motivated in even tough times like today, but they should also understand that people join organisations and leave managers.

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Himanshu Parashar said...

As mentioned towards the end "An employee’s mind frame never changes towards his/ her work but towards his/her employer". But this whole issue again hovers around the individual nature of the person called "Your Current Boss". Power to decide direction of another persons professional or personnel life, is a big responsibility. How many Appraisers do realise this at the time of Appraisal? Corporate world uses the word "Ethics" a lot, but it could easily be compromised when has to be chosen against some kind of "Profit". We are part of a Profit driven machine and are mere "Resources" which could be replaced by another needy resource. Just to remind: Indian companies are not in loss, but just in "less profit" due to recession. Create a fear and play with it, the new matra learned by Corporates in the name and time of Recession. "Dependent is always Deprived" it's a truth which prevailes no matter India is ruled by the Whites or the Browns. "Babudom Amar Rahe"!