Friday, July 24, 2009

The Day that was....

On contrary to this week, the day was pretty excellent. Time really flied. The week-end still is expected to be a fun filled one, the day was awesome. The celebrations started bang at 00:00 Hrs bang with scraps, calls, SMSs, few bumps, kicks, cake and ended with cake all over me in next one hour. Then came few games of darts with flatmate that continued upto 4.30 Hrs and I lost all of them :)

After I got up from sleep it again started with wonderful breakfast and again lots n lots of calls, scraps and SMSs.I was flooded with wishes. The whole day at office was also full of wishes. The evening was something which I never expected. We started partying at 20.30 Hrs at a friend's office. This session was full of fun, jamming, guitar, singing and some really awesome performances. We started from there and after trying at HHI landed at Someplace Else @ Park. It was already 23:45 Hrs by then.

Then again it was a surprise waiting. It was again cake cutting ceremony followed by the cake painting competition where I was the canvas. Everyone showed their painting skills. We were joined by few people partying over there. The people who took me there were all awesome. They partied till 2.30 Hrs again and we left only when Sampy was declared closed for the night. Then we all went for dinner at one of our usual late night food joint, the famous Sharma Dhaba. We all had lovely food over there and discussions were on till 04:00 Hrs. That session also consisted of few friendly bumps, rewinding of few old memories, photo sessions, food and discussions on anything and everything. We finally left the place at 04:30 Hrs and again on reaching back there was a game of dart waiting for us.

Although this was the first time I was not with my family but my friends made this day an unforgettable one for me. This day went away to fast but I will relish this for many days and years to come.

I am already having invites for next few days to continue this celebration. Wishes in form of Calls/scraps/SMSs are still pouring in till the time I am writing this :)

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SJ said...

what a contrast? That was quiet a birthday bash. Naturally u r bound to be out of the gloominess after all that fun.