Thursday, July 02, 2009

Indian crawling in slow motion…

I was once again back on track with railways for my visit to my parent’s place. Usually I had enjoyed travelling with Indian Railways till date and this travel was also nothing new. But again as always I came across few things that I am jotting down. I booked this ticket in a hurry but was confirmed with the help of one relative sitting at Railway headquarters. Long live Babus in our democracy. It was a pleasant surprise to see people responsible for keeping train clean visiting and cleaning the coach three four times in just less than 24 hours but it was unpleasant to find food pathetic this time. It was pleasant to see that ticket checker was asking for the identity proof but it was unpleasant to see that air-condition needs conditioning.

I also came across flying squad guys who were having free snacks at pantry coach in train, after one successful capture of an elderly uncle who was travelling without ticket. The uncle was also smart, after so many attempts these squad guys were unable to extract a single rupee from him as bribe. He insisted on receipt and they insisted on off the record settlement. After one hour of trial and discussions they finally gave up and uncle ji left the place smiling. It looked as if having free food was their legal right and they had negotiated this as a part of their CTC. There was not even a single GRP personal in the train for past twenty hours, which again surprises me. Is there in any change in rule regarding serving terms and conditions for railways staff?

This corruption, negligence and arrogance among the elite babus is one of the major reasons holding back India from growing. Although India has been ranked as one of the fastest growing economies but its also considered as one of the poorly managed economy. Its like India Inc. would like to fire its all cylinders but can’t as the road ahead is bumpy. India really is crawling in slow motion towards growth and thriving to become a economic superpower. Lets hope to see that dream and vision realising soon.

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Himanshu Parashar said...

I can proudely say that, in the past 31 years of my life I have boarded Indian Railways more than most of the people I know. I have made journies right from New Delhi to Chennai and Okha (Dwarka) to puri. I have travelled sitting on the gate of a local compartment from Mumbai to Delhi, did 4 years of up-down on an Student MST to complete my college in nearby city, was used to visit my parents after a 31 hour long journey from Jalgaon (MS) to Puri (OR). I am addited to the sound of dhadhak-dhadhak and the stinky smell of trains, the vendors trying to push away armies of flies with their dirty "Gamcha". Appetite of Bread-Omlette to Puri-Bhaji and Kale Chane to Dhani (Pop-Corn). And may be, as an Indian, now I am habitual of the curroption and mismanagement of the second largest train system in the world too, of which sometimes me too is a part of. :) Long live Indian Railways!