Monday, July 13, 2009

A police station in reality…

Everyone must have seen filmy police stations in many of the movies but I wish no one is ever required to visit any real one. I have came across these places only a few times till now at different geographical locations for different reasons and requirements.

It’s altogether a different world. No one cares for what is your problem, who you are and why you are there. You can see them working with their own sweet pace. At one instance the constable took around half an hour to write a verification report summary of just 5 lines. No one has got any right to ask them any question, they feel they are above all types of law and they are the ultimate authority. For them anything and everything that you want from them, you need to pay them in cash only. They don’t understand anything like etiquettes, politeness or manners. For them everyone else is either a criminal or a Bakra. Although many states boast of being fully computerised in their operations but I was not lucky enough to see anything close to a computer at of these places I visited. They still believe in doing everything by their own hands. They may ask you to write down your problem on a plain piece of paper as per their guidelines. I once tried giving them a printed request and got good lecture on how now a days youngster show off their computer literacy by doing all these unnecessary frills. As per them, they are helping you by taking money and listening to you and your problems. And since you are earning good amount of money they have a right to demand for their share accordingly for anything they do for you.

No doubt there are few good people also in this profession, but they are now negligible as compared to this new breed of greedy people. None of them were closer to or even trying to match their mission statement “ जन सेवा, देश भक्ति ”.

I wish no one is ever required to visit any police station.

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SJ said...

Why on earth did u need to go to the police station? I don't want to generalise but apne desh mein police sabse bade chor daku hai...I would say they are the catalysts in reality to all the crime happening in this country, etiquettes? far cry..